CE-L Subscribers' Blogs

Richard Adin
An American Editor: https://americaneditor.wordpress.com/
An exploration of the business of editing.

Ankur Agarwal
Drop of Ether: http://dropofether.blogspot.com
The world as mediated through me.

Mark Allen
Mark Allen Editorial: https://markallenediting.com/my-blog/
Thoughts on journalism and copy editing, including grammar, usage and style.

Cochin Blogger: http://cochinblogger.wordpress.com
Random musings and images from an omnivorous reader and shutterbug who lives in Cochin, Kerala, India.

Elizabeth Bennefeld
The Moments Between: http://themomentsbetween.blogspot.com/
Thoughts, poetry, and photos.

Bill Blinn
TechByter Worldwide: http://www.techbyter.com
Weekly technology updates.

Marsha J. Brofka-Berends
First Things First: http://www.first-things-first.net
Editing, knitting, politics, food, and whatever else crosses my mind.

Rachel Lee Cherry
Last Syllable Communications: http://www.lastsyllable.net/blog/
Wrong about Shakespeare in a new way.

April Michelle Davis
Editorial Inspirations Blog: http://www.editorialinspirations.com/blog
A place to discuss grammar quirks as well as talk with people who need help with their own projects.

Margaret DeAngelis
The Silken Tent: http://www.silkentent.com
Personal essays—countless silken ties of thought.

Liz Dexter
(No name provided) http://libroediting.com/blog/
Musings about my work as a freelancer, issues arising, advice on setting up a small business in the UK, and guest posts from authors and fellow freelancers.
LyzzyBee's Books: http://lyzzybee.livejournal.com
Reviews of the 150–230 books I read per year

Kevin Eagan
Critical Margins: http://criticalmargins.com
Perspectives on book culture, technology, and reading in the digital age.

Helen Eby
Gaucha Translations Blog: http://blog.gauchatranslations.com/blog/
Updates about the translation and interpreting field.
¡Al rescate del español!: http://www.rescatedelesp.com/
Supporting good Spanish writing in the United States.

James Gallagher
Castle Walls Editing Blog: http://castlewallsediting.com/blog/
Thoughts on writing, editing, navigating grammar issues, and providing editorial services.

Melanie Gold
Oh No, Not the Grammar Police: http://melaniegold.blogspot.com
One editor's blog about book publishing, writing, and life's adventure.

Esther Hecht
Esther Hecht's blog: http://estherhecht.wordpress.com/
Traveling the earth lightly.

Nick Hodgkins
daily-deep-quote: http://daily-deep-quote.tumblr.com
Seriously deep quotes for a shallow world; minimal hackneyed (Einstein, Thoreau, Emerson...) quotes; deeper dug—over several years.
daily-common-english-mistake: http://daily-common-english-mistake.tumblr.com

Nate Hoffelder
The Digital Reader: http://the-digital-reader.com
All digital publishing news, all the time.

Yateendra Joshi
Editage Insights: http://www.editage.com/insights/content_search/Yateendra
Tips on writing for researchers whose first language is not English but who submit papers to journals published in English.

Isabella Kratynski
Magnificent Octopus: http://magnificentoctopus.blogspot.com
Mostly about books, but also about motherhood.

Leilani Lee
Ozark Oddments: http://leiweedit.blogspot.com/
General reflections on life experiences and family.

Mark L. Levinson
Translatable but Debatable: http://www.elephant.org.il/translate/
Words and phrases that bedevil the Hebrew-to-English translator.

Dee Longenbaugh
Observatory Books: http://www.observatorybooks.com
This is actually a bl or an og—I think it's half a blog. History, anecdotes, book reviews, advice—some opinions.

Dick Margulis
words/myth/ampers & virgule: http://ampersandvirgule.blogspot.com/
Occasional essays on working with words and pictures.

Terri Mauro
Parenting Isn't Pretty: http://mamatude.blogspot.com
Humor and venting about parenting kids with special needs.
Parenting Special Needs: http://specialchildren.about.com
News, sites, articles and polls of interest to parents of children with special needs.

Paulo Mendes
Mostly Medicalese: https://mostlymedicalese.wordpress.com/
Medical language, translation, and language in general, mostly.

Lauren Meyer
Science Refinery: http://sciencerefinery.com/category/blog/
Tips, recommendations, media reviews, and more for scientists and the editors who love them.

Suzanne Meyers
Batten Down the Hyphens: http://www.suzannemeyersediting.com/category/blog/
Moderately opinionated thoughts on editing and language.

Adrienne Montgomerie
Right Angels and Polo Bears: http://blog.catchthesun.net
All things editing: from error rates in editing and using PDF mark-up software, to estimating jobs and getting started as a freelancer.
Right Angels and Polo Bears podcast: http://blog.catchthesun.net/category/podcast/
An audio version (and expansion of) posts from the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and Copyediting.com, for listening during commutes, coffee breaks, or laundry time.

Mark Murphy
Murphy's Craw: http://murphyscraw.blogspot.com
Some whimsical wanderings through the worlds of words, writing, and old movies and TV—along with selected short subjects.

Darla Nagel
Word Worker: http://wordworkerdn.tumblr.com/
Writing tips and humor related to English and abuses of it.

Lynn David Newton
Neologistics: http://neologisticsediting.com/articles/
Blog on general topics, including some related to editing.

Brendan O'Brien
The Road to God Knows Where: http://brendano7.com
An Irish freelance editorís eclectic blog.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf
EditorMom: http://editor-mom.blogspot.com
Publishing, editing, the editor–client relationship, and self-employment.

Lori Paximadis
Pax Studio: http://www.loripax.com/blog/
Occasional ramblings about the business of editing.

Susan Perloff
Teaching Adults to Write Nonfiction . . . and That's the Truth: http://writerphiladelphia.com/blog/
Tips for writers of digital content, editorials, technical manuals, business communication pieces, creative nonfiction, newletters, and more.

Jeremy Rehwaldt
Tips, Tricks, and Reviews for Copy Editors: http://introspectionediting.com/tips-tricks/
Thinking thoroughly, communicating clearly: tips and tricks for copy editors.

Susan S.
Go West, Young Jew: http://westernjew.blogspot.com
Living Jewishly in the Rocky Mountains.

Diane Schirf
Dark Side of the Moon: http://www.slywy.com/
Book reviews, dreams, ruminations.

Diana Schramer
Diana DeSpain Schramer: http://www.dianadespainschramer.naiwe.com
Monthly posts related to the craft and business of writing, as well as the writing life.

Deanna Stewart
Nee in Germany: http://neeingermany.blogspot.com
What it's like to live inside my head in Heidelberg, Germany.

Carol Stone
RovinCrone: rovincrone.blogspot.com/
Weekly (at least) posts from an aging environmentalist with an RV but no cat.

Susanna J. Sturgis
From the Seasonally Occupied Territories: http://squattersspeakeasy.com
A year-rounder blogs about Martha's Vineyard.
Write Through It: http://writethroughitblog.com/
On writing, editing, and how to keep going.

Mark Swofford
Pinyin News: http://www.pinyin.info/news/
Items related to Chinese characters, romanization, and the languages of China and beyond.

Karen Wise
Verbatim: http://verbatim.blogs.com
Musings of a stay-home mom of 3, freelance copyeditor, voracious reader, and enthusiastic cook.

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