At Indiana University

NOTE: This file of acronyms and emoticons was compiled by
C.J. Sonnack for the Post Database BBS and forwarded to TESL-L
by Lloyd Holliday back in the mists of time. Minor edits have
been made over the years by Bill Blinn and Katharine O'Moore-Klopf
of Copyediting-L.
   AFAIK: As Far As I Know
   AISI: As I See It
   ANFAWFOS: And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
   AWGTHTGTTA: Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?
   AWGTHTGTATA: Are We Going To Have To Go Through ALL This Again?
   BOT: Back On Topic
   BTW: By The Way
   BNF: Big Name Fan
   CUL: Catch You Later
   CWYL: Chat With You Later
   DILLIGAF: Do I Look Like I Give A [*CENSORED*]!
   FeFeFe: Used on Copyediting-L to indicate IRONy
   FITB: Fill In The Blank
   FTASB: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
   FWIW: For What It's Worth
   FYI: For Your Information
   GIWIST: Gee, I Wish I'd Said That
   HHOK: Ha, Ha! Only Kidding
   HHO 1/2 K: Ha, Ha! Only Half Kidding
   HTH: Hope This Helps!
   HUA: Heads Up [*CENSORED*]
   IAC: In Any Case
   IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer
   IITYWTMWYKM: If I Tell You What This Means, Will You Kiss Me?
   IITYWIMWYBMAD- If I Tell You What It Means, Will You Buy Me A Drink?
   ILSHIBAMF: I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture!
   IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
   IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
   INPO: In No Particular Order
   IOW: In Other Words
   LLTA: Lots and Lots of Thunderous (or Thundering) Applause
   LOL: Laughing Out Loud
   LTIP: Laughing Till I Puke
   MMV: Mileage May Vary
   MYOB: Mind Your Own Business
   NFW: No [*CENSORED*] Way!!
   OAUS: On An Unrelated Subject
   OATUS: On A Totally Unrelated Subject
   OTOH: On The Other Hand
   OTOOH: On The Other Other Hand
   ONNA: Oh No, Not Again
   ONNTA: Oh No, Not This Again
   OWTTE: Or Words To That Effect
   PPP: Petty Pet Peeve
   POV: Point Of View
   ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing!
   ROFLGO: Rolling On Floor Laughing Guts Out!
   ROFLASTC: Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat!
   RSN: Real Soon Now
   RTFM: Read The Freaking Manual!
   ": Read The Friggin' Manual!
   ": Read The Flaming Manual!
   ": Read The Farging Manual!
   ": Read The Fershlugginer Manual!
   ": Read The [*CENSORED*] Manual!
   RYFM: Read Your [*CENSORED*] Manual!
   SICS: Sitting In Chair Snickering
   SOI: Stunk On Ice
   TANJ: There Ain't No Justice (Niven)
   TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (Heinlein)
   TGAL: Think Globally, Act Locally
   TINWIS: That Is Not What I Said
   TPTB: The Powers That Be
   TTBOMK: To The Best Of My Knowledge
   TTFN: Ta-Ta For Now
   TTYL: Talk To You Later
   WDYMBT: What Do (or Did) You Mean By That?
   WGAS: Who Gives A [*CENSORED*]?!
   WMMOWS: Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!
   WTH: What the Heck
   YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary
 ///// THE FACES /////
   Happy Face (grin) :-) :-> :-] (-:
   Winking Happy Face ;-) ;-> ;-]
   Smiling w/ Glasses 8-) B-) 8-] <-8
   Happy Face w/ Beard :-)} :->} :-]} {(:
   Sticking Out Tongue ;-P :-b d-;
   Devilish Smile };-> ];>
   Huge Smile :-)) :->> ((-:
   Surprised/Yelling :-O :o O-|
   Straight Face :-| B-| :-I |-8
   Frown/Sad :-( :-< )-:
   Very Unhappy :-c :-C
   Shedding a Tear :'-( :'(
   Crying :"-( :"< }-":
   A Kiss :-* |-* (eyes closed on the second one)
   Very Tired |-( |-)
   Asking a Dumb Question <:-) <:-(
 ///// OTHER SYMBOLS/////
   [!] - A hug
   @>--->---- - A rose
   [( ) - Cup of coffee or beer mug
   <grin> - I'm smiling as I write/wrote this.....
   =3D|:-)=3D - Uncle Sam
   :-o - Mr. Bill ("Oh, nooooooo!")
   ...---... - S.O.S.
   #@$!%@#!! - [*CENSORED*]
   ///////////////////////////////////////// compiled by:CJSonnack/////
   ////////////////////////////////////// with many contributions!/////
   :/7) Cyrano de Bergerac
   >:*) Bozo the Clown
   #:o+= Betty Boop
   8(:-) Walt Disney
   -=#:-) has wizard status
   (: (=| is going to be a ghost for Halloween
   =:-H plays for NFL
   (V)=| a pacman champion
   M-),:X),:-M sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil
   C):-O a barbershop quartet
   ):-( is sick and tired of reading this nonsense
   L:-) just graduated
   B-)-[< is wearing sunglasses and swimming trunk
   :-(O) is yelling
   (:-) has no hair
   C:-) has large brain capacity
   |:-| is excessively rigid
   ._) suffers from Lorentz contractions
   C=:-) chef
   8=:-) chef
   *<:-) wearing a Santa Claus Hat
   (8-o It's Mr. Bill!
   *:o) And Bozo the clown!
   :-#| bushy mustache
   (:-) smiley big-face
   ):-) smiley big-face
   ):-( unsmiley big-face
   )8-) scuba smiley big-face
   ~~:-( net.flame
   8 :-I net.unix-wizards
   :-)X bow tie
   3:o[ net.pets
   Q:-) a new grad
   M:-) saluting (symbol of respect)
   =):-) Uncle Sam
   =|:-) Abe Lincoln
   4:-) George Washington
   5:-) Elvis Presley
   7:-) Fred Flintstone
   8) frog
   B) frog that is wearing sunglasses
   |) salamander
   :8) pig
   3:-o cow
   pp# cow II
   pq`#' bull
   :3-< dog
   .\/ duck II
   :V woodpecker
   ~~~~8 snake
   ^..^ cat
 N O N - S M I L E Y S
   ~= a candle, to annotate flaming messages
   o/ raised hand
   _\\// Vulcan salute
 M I S C E L L A N Y
Some people use unrotated smileys:
   ^L^ happy
   ^(^ happy II
   @l@ too many hours at terminal
   *L* blotto
   ^)^ ^(^ two people talking
   :-( Drama
   :-) Comedy
   :-? CIS User is smoking a pipe
   :-=) Older user with mustache
   :-\ Undecided user
   :-p CIS User is sticking their tongue out (at you!)
   :-'| CIS User has a cold
   :-)8 CIS User is well dressed
   :-D CIS User talks too much
   :-# CIS User's lips are sealed
   :-o CIS User is shocked
   :-* CIS User just ate a sour pickle
   :-s CIS User after a BIZARRE comment
   :-o CIS User is surprised
   :-{ CIS User has a mustache
   :-| No-expression face; "that comment doesn't faze me"
   :-% CIS User has beard
   :-( Sad
   :-* CIS User after eating something bitter
   :-> Hey hey
   :-X CIS User is wearing a bow tie
   :-6 CIS User after eating something sour
   :-0 CIS User is an orator
   :-7 CIS User after a wry statement
   :-#| CIS User with bushy mustache
   :-@ CIS User face screaming
   :-% CIS User is a banker
   :-) Humor (or smiley)
   :-v Talking-head smiley
   :-x "my lips are sealed" smiley
   :-| "have an ordinary day" smiley
   :-e Disappointed smiley
   :-< Really sad smiley
   :-I Hmm
   :-( Boohoo
Except as noted, by Katharine O'Moore-Klopf. All rights reserved.