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Copyediting-L is a list for copy editors and other defenders of the English language who want to discuss anything related to editing: sticky style issues; philosophy of editing; newspaper, technical, and other specialized editing; reference books; client relations; Internet resources; electronic editing and software; freelance issues; and so on. Carol Roberts started the list at Cornell University in December 1992 and passed ownership of the list to Beth Goelzer Lyons. Bill Blinn and Jane Lyle became the list owners in the late 1990s. At the end of 2013, they turned ownership over to Katharine O'Moore-Klopf and John Renish.

We have two lists: Copyediting-L (nicknamed CE-L) is the main list, where topics such as politics, religion, sex, and operating-system evangelism are forbidden. Copyediting-Off-list-L (nicknamed CEL-O) is the "chat" list, where all topics are permitted. Subscribing to the off-list requires that you be already subscribed to the main list.

Both lists explicitly forbid personal attacks and commercial posts.

How to Subscribe

  • Create a new blank e-mail message addressed to
  • Choose the list you want to subscribe to:
    • COPYEDITING-L (editing-related topics):
      Leave the message blank and type the following in the subject line:
      subscribe copyediting-l Firstname Lastname

      Where ...
      -l is a dash (aka "hyphen") and the lowercase letter "L", not the numeral "1".
      Firstname is your first name.
      Lastname is your last name.
    • COPYEDITING-OFF-LIST-L (non-editing related discussions):
      Only Copyediting-L subscribers may subscribe to the off-list.
      Leave the message blank and type the following in the subject line:
      subscribe copyediting-off-list-l Firstname Lastname

      Where ...
      -l is a dash (aka "hyphen") and the lowercase letter "L", not the numeral "1".
      Firstname is your first name.
      Lastname is your last name.
  • You will receive a response from the Sympa list server, and then you must confirm your desire to subscribe to the list by doing one of the following:
    • Replying to the message
    • Sending a message with the authorization text in the subject line to the Sympa server
    • Clicking a link in the message to create a confirmation message and then sending it
  • The server will respond with a welcome message. You are now subscribed.

Yes, it's true that this isn't structured as a traditional FAQ, but it's intended to serve the same purpose.

Introduction to Copyediting-L

IMPORTANT: In April 2012, Copyediting-L (CE-L) and Copyediting-Off-list-L (CEL-O) were migrated from Indiana University's Listserv server to a new Sympa server.

For GENERAL INFORMATION about Sympa, see the IU List Service Help Page. A description of all the commands you can send to Sympa is available on the Commands page.

Before posting, please read this section.

By reading or posting messages to Copyediting-L, you agree that CE-L’s list owners and members cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by this system. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by its users, hackers, and hardware or software failures. There is no guarantee of reliable service or security of information. All information placed on CE-L is to be considered public. While we do our best to stop inappropriate use of the list and harassment, we cannot prevent it entirely. List owners reserve the right to limit posting, suspend accounts, or deny access to anyone at any time. List owners will never ask you for your password; anyone who does so is a fraud.

Copyediting-L uses a “tag” system to categorize messages so that non-digest subscribers can include or exclude specific topics. All posts should have an identifying tag in the subject line, and tags must be spelled and punctuated precisely. There is also an auxiliary “off-list” list for discussions not directly related to editing.

Copyediting-L is a busy list. We recommend that you choose to receive individual messages because this allows you to filter the list mail based on the “tags” that subscribers use in their subject lines. Subscribers who choose the digest format always receive all messages posted to the list.

Please quote sparingly. As editors, we should be able to trim quoted material to include only the essential parts. When a post includes a long and involved explanation to set the stage for a question, there is no need for respondents to repeat the introduction in their answer. Those who quote excessively will receive reminders from a list owner; continued excessive quoting may result in posting limitations.

On-line Resources

The Copyediting-L (CE-L) archive:

The Copyediting-Off-List-L (CEL-O) archive:

Access to the archives is limited to subscribers. You must log in to view the archives. If you have not previously created a password, click the First Login link in the upper left corner and then follow the instructions to create login credentials.


CE-L and CEL-O are set up so that only the list owners can see the names and e-mail addresses in the list of subscribers. Other subscribers will, of course, see your name and e-mail address when you post messages. The archives are available only to subscribers. This does not mean that what you post to the list is private. Anyone may join the list, and subscribers may forward your messages to others. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother, your mother-in-law, and your immediate supervisor to read.

Table of Contents

General Information

In December 1992, Carol Roberts started this list at Cornell University. The second list owner was Beth Goelzer Lyons. Bill Blinn and Jane Lyle served as list co-owners from the late 1990s through 2013. Katharine O'Moore-Klopf and John Renish have been the list co-owners since the end of 2013.

Subsequent references to Copyediting-L also apply to Copyediting-Off-List-L except when specified otherwise.

Copyediting-L is an unmoderated list, which means that your posts are sent to the list immediately without being reviewed by a list owner. However, subscribers who engage in unacceptable behavior may be placed on moderated status or removed from the list.

The default mail setting is digest, which means that you will receive one or more digests. All digests from the previous day are sent at 6am Eastern time. Digests are not edited or condensed. To make the list posts easier to manage and to improve timeliness, the list owners enthusiastically recommend changing your account settings to receive individual messages. See “Managing Your Subscription” to learn how to make changes to your subscription.

Only subscribers can send messages to Copyediting-L. If the address you use to send mail varies in any way from the address you used when you subscribed, the server will not recognize you as a subscriber. Contact the list owners for help.

Copyright restrictions apply to all Copyediting-L material, including the archives and this document. Copyediting-L material may not be used commercially without the permission of the author(s), who retain full copyright to their words.

These guidelines are subject to interpretation by the list owners, who make every effort to apply them consistently and fairly. Those who fail to comply with the guidelines will receive off-list reminders and, if inappropriate posts continue, may have their posting rights restricted, suspended, or revoked.

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Guidelines for Posting to the List

Please keep messages as short as possible. CE-L is a busy list, and needlessly long messages are tedious.

When replying to a message,  keep only as much of the original text as is necessary to frame your reply.

Use a descriptive subject line with the appropriate tag. Many people use the subject line to decide whether they want to read a message, and some use the tags to filter messages. See “Subject Lines and Tags” for details.

Copyright restrictions apply. Provide a complete bibliographic citation for all copyrighted materials and obtain permission as required from the original author before posting.

Poll or survey questions (Example: “How many of you ...?”) are permitted on the list, but those who ask such questions should request that all responses be sent to them privately. It is their responsibility to compile the responses and provide a brief summary to the list.

Inappropriate Topics

Political comments are not permitted on the main list. The Internet is home to many political discussion lists, but CE-L is not one of them. Evangelizing for Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms is unwelcome. Choose your computing platform, your religion (or lack thereof), your word processor, and your pet to suit yourself. Allow others to choose theirs.

Posts reporting minor typos in publications or mispronunciations by radio or television personalities are not appropriate. People have been confusing “libery” with “library,” “Febuary” with “February,” and “Calvary” with “cavalry” since these words entered the language. Likewise, grocery store signs using “it’s” as a possessive are singularly unremarkable. The planet Earth is surrounded by air, but most of us do not find this fact to be worthy of comment.

Advertisements are forbidden. Brief (up to 10 lines) “help wanted” ads are allowed if you include off-list contact information. Brief (up to 10 lines) announcements of editing-related conferences, seminars, and meetings that are open to non-members are also allowed if you include off-list contact information. Do not post an entire conference schedule, and do not post the announcement more than once.

Do not post a question that can be unequivocally answered by consulting a dictionary, the Chicago Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook, or any other common reference. Questions about variations in the answers provided by those references, as well as questions about interpretations, are welcome.

Do not point out grammar or spelling mistakes in messages unless the author has explicitly asked for such advice. We are all human. We all commit typos. In short: Respect each other. Diversity in editing and opinions about editing is encouraged. Civilized argumentation and debate are fine. Character digs and personal attacks are not. You are responsible for what you write. Those who cannot be civil will be removed from the list.

Avoid posting messages from other lists. If you have a list of one-liners that you want to share, post three or four of them to CEL-O (not to CE-L) and offer to send the full list to those who contact you privately. If you’ve received an e-zine or e-mail that contains information you feel would be helpful to others, describe it and provide a link to the original or offer the full message to those who request it.

Do not post urban legends or virus warnings.

While it might seem unfriendly or even rude, we discourage posting “thank-you” messages to the list. CE-L subscribers tend to be generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise, and if everyone thanked each person who helped, about half of the list traffic would be thank-you notes. Unless someone has gone to extreme measures to help you, please send thank-you messages privately.

If you are traveling and would like to meet CE-L subscribers in your destination city, post a message to the list and indicate the dates you will be in the other city. Follow-up arrangements should be made off-list.

Including a URL in Your Post

If you place a URL in your post, please also include information about where the URL leads and why CE-L subscribers would want to go there. Post the full URL inside greater than / less than symbols. Example:
<> or <>

Please be sure to include < and > and do not use a URL shortening service. After several years of explaining to people that URL shortening services such as,, and would help communicate URLs that are long enough to break across lines, we must now take the opposite approach because certain system administrators have concluded that these services are evil.

CE-L shorthand

You may occasionally see some unfamiliar terms in CE-L posts. For example:

  • CE-L = Copyediting-L
  • The CE-Lery = All Copyediting-L listmates collectively (a vegetable joke based on the nickname CE-L)
  • CEL-O = Copyediting-Off-List-L
  • Fe = irony or sarcasm (Fe is the chemical symbol for iron)
  • Stalks = All Copyediting-L listmates collectively (a vegetable joke based on the nickname CE-Lery)
  • TIA or Spanish aunt (aunt in Spanish is tia) = “Thanks in advance”

Avoid Excessive Quoting

The number one bothersome trait the list owners hear about fairly regularly is excessive quoting. Questions often contain additional information that makes the question complete and detailed. Much of this extra information need not be (and should not be) quoted in the reply.

For CE-L subscribers who receive digests instead of individual messages, excessive quoting is even more troublesome.

Summarizing is a good choice

Some subscribers summarize the question succinctly instead of quoting. This takes extra time and effort, but it substantially reduces list clutter. We don't all have the time or the inclination to summarize, but we should all at least be able to edit the quoted material to omit those parts that have little bearing on the answer.

Before sending a message to the list, please examine it.

  1. Have you deleted (at the very least) the original sender's signature and the archive tag line?
  2. Have you left more of the original text than is necessary for readers to understand what you're responding to?

If the quoted text is longer than your reply, please examine the message again with particular attention to point 2.

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Subject Lines and Tags

No message is complete until it has a tag and a descriptive subject line. No new topic should ever begin with the CHAT tag. Tags may be written in upper case, lower case, or mixed case.

Before sending either an original message or a reply to someone else’s message, glance at the subject line to confirm that the tag and the descriptive subject are properly formatted and appropriate to the subject matter. If you are replying to a message that has no tag or an incorrect tag, please add or correct the tag.

Tags must be spelled exactly as shown below. Please note that JOB-OP has a hyphen between the two words. The tag must be followed by a colon. The colon must be followed by a space. The space is then followed by the subject. Example: TAG: This is a properly formatted subject line.

The server will add [CE-L] or [CEL-O] to the left of the tag. Please do not add this on your own.

Except for CHAT, tags may be combined. This should be done sparingly, though, and CHAT should never be combined with any other tag. No topic should ever begin with a CHAT tag. If the topic is so far afield that the first post would require that it be labeled CHAT, then the message belongs on CEL-O, not on CE-L.

URGENT is not a tag. If you need a prompt answer, place the word “URGENT” in the descriptive subject section. Example:

      QUERY URGENT: This is incorrect
      QUERY: URGENT This is correct

STYLE is not a tag. Please do not use it as a tag.

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Valid Tags

  • ADMIN: List owner use ONLY. If you reply to an ADMIN message on-list, please change the tag.
  • BIZ: Business practices, rates (limited, please), journalism, media, and conference announcements (announcements are limited to a MAXIMUM of 10 lines).
  • CHAT: As threads mutate from their original topic, posters may use the CHAT tag, but the discussion should continue on CEL-O. Exception: The occasional pun war is a part of CE-L’s heritage and may be continued on the main list. Pun wars are usually of short duration.
  • CONF: Short (10 lines maximum, preferably less) announcements about upcoming conferences and other programs of interest to editors. Only one post per event is permitted, and subscribers should limit themselves to one such post per quarter.
  • JOB-OP: Job opportunities. No advertisements or “position wanted” messages are allowed. Note the hyphen, which is required.
  • MISC: Anything that doesn’t fit a standard category.
  • QUERY: Editing questions not related to grammar and style.
  • SUMMARY: Use this tag when you report information that you have collected off-list in response to a query.
  • TOOLS: Hardware and software, books, desks, pencils, and anything else an editor might need.
  • USAGE: Grammar and style issues. Note that USAGE covers both grammar and style, neither of which is a tag in its own right.
  • ADVERT: If you have a product or service that is of interest to editors but is not provided without charge, you may post a short (10 lines maximum) message and any subscriber is limited to one such message every 90 days.

If you cannot decide between two tags, you may combine them by typing one tag, a space, the second tag, and then a colon. Please do this sparingly and keep in mind that CHAT should never be used with any other tag. Dual tags follow this format:
TAG TAG: Descriptive subject

Special Cautions Regarding the ADVERT Tag

  • Responses to questions that ask for recommendations about a specific product or service are not subject to the ADVERT tag. These would be handled under the TOOLS tag.
  • The ADVERT tag is not intended to be used to promote products and services offered by people who do not subscribe to the list. If you have a new or improved product that will be of interest to editors, a single text-only message (up to 200 characters) may be posted. We strongly recommend that the message be structured as an announcement and that a Web URL be included for those who wish to obtain more information.
  • Products or services that have not changed in any substantial way should not be mentioned again, even 90 days or more after the initial announcement.
  • The ADVERT tag is seen mainly as a way for list members to mention products or services so that other subscribers will be aware of them.
  • If you suspect that the ADVERT message you are about to post might violate either the letter or the spirit of the guidelines, then the message you are about to post probably will violate either the letter or the spirit of the guidelines.
  • If the ADVERT tag is misused, it will be eliminated.

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Managing Your Subscription

Copyediting-L is located at the center of the self-service section of the Internet. You are expected to manage your own subscription either via the Web interface, which is largely self-documenting, or by e-mail. When sending a single command to the server, it should be placed on the subject line. Sending multiple-line commands is possible but the message must be entirely plain text and without a signature. An explanation of how to send multiple-line commands is on the IU website.

Because Sympa is a computer program, you must follow the single-command format exactly.

Send your message from the address that is subscribed to the list to "". Place your command on the subject line of the message (not in the message body). In the command, replace {list} with copyediting-l or copyediting-off-list-l and do not type the braces.

Example: unsubscribe copyediting-off-list-l

  • Subscription status command (list of all lists you are subscribed to):
  • Subscribe command:
    subscribe {list} Firstname Lastname
  • Unsubscribe command:
    unsubscribe {list}
  • Set digest mode command (this is the default):
    set {list} digest
  • Set individual messages mode command:
    set {list} mail
  • Temporarily stop receiving messages (when you’re busy or on vacation) command:
    set {list} nomail
    Existing subscribers who inadvertently unsubscribe instead of using the “nomail” option will go through the new-subscriber process each time they leave and return.
  • Start receiving messages again command:
    set {list} mail
    set {list} digest

Selecting Topics for Individual Messages

If you choose to receive individual messages, you may specify which topics you want to receive. Those who subscribe to the digest will always receive all messages. This does not apply to the off-list because no tags are used there. Selecting topics can be done via the Web interface.

  • After logging in, select Subscriber Options from the left column.
  • Check the topics that you wish to include in your subscription.

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Adding Yourself to the Freelancers List

As a service to Copyediting-L subscribers, H. Glenn Court ( maintains a list of freelancers (part-time and full-time). The list is on the Copyediting-L information website (, and Glenn sends it privately to anyone on request. Keep in mind that there is no control over what happens to the list once it’s posted. You must be a Copyediting-L subscriber to be listed.

To add yourself to the list, send a message to and use the format specified below. Those who fail to follow the format will not be listed.

Doe, Jean
100 Elm St., City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country
607-555-1212 (fax 607-555-1313)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, indexing
Type of materials: Books, journals, manuals, technical materials
Experience: Since 1950
Subjects: Business, computers, mathematics, natural resources

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The Archives

The Web interface for each list gives you access to the archives. The archives are closed to non-subscribers, but users should keep in mind that anything posted to the lists is potentially visible to everyone in the world.

The first time you use the Web interface, you will be asked to enter your password. If you haven’t yet set one up, you can do so from that screen. You will need to enter the e-mail address from which you are subscribed and then type a password. The server will send a message to the e-mail address you gave it, and you must reply to that message to confirm that you are who you say you are.

Once you have successfully established a password, the server will offer to write a cookie to your computer. This will save the password on your computer so that you will not need to enter it again from that machine. If you use other computers, you will need to enter the password once from each location to create the cookie.

To search the Archives, select the Search Archives option.
Select Search

Next, type the phrase you're looking for into the Search Archive text box. When specifying the phrase, do not place it inside quotation marks as you might do for a Google search. Before clicking Search, be sure to specify a date range. If you specify no range, the search will include only the most recent few months. Try to narrow the date range, though; selecting all dates may cause the search to time out on the server.
Select a date range

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CEL-O, the Off-list List

In 2002, we added CEL-O, the “off-list list,” for use by those who want to discuss non-editing-related topics with other CE-L subscribers. Anyone wishing to subscribe to CEL-O must first subscribe to CE-L. New subscriptions must be approved by a list owner, who will confirm that the request is coming from a CE-L subscriber.

CEL-O runs on the same Sympa software that powers CE-L, so all of the standard list management commands described here apply. No topics are banned on CEL-O, but those who post excessively or who are abusive to others will be removed at the sole discretion of the list owners.

Never cross-post a message to both lists. However, if you want to start a discussion that is vaguely related to editing, you may post the original message to CE-L (and ONLY to CE-L) with a CHAT tag. Place this text at the TOP of the message: Please respond on CEL-O.

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Contacting a List Owner

Messages sent to the following address will reach Katharine O'Moore-Klopf and John Renish:

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Microsoft Word Macros

If you would like to contribute a macro, send the file along to Katharine O'Moore-Klopf for inclusion here.

From Karen Bojda
From Paul Beverley

Contributed Style Guides

In August 2005, one subscriber asked for samples of style guides. Another wanted copies. Then another and another ... and another. Here is a collection of style guides contributed by CE-L subscribers. The list is in chronological order by date received.

  • Sudhin V K, Managed Care Magazine PDF
  • Andrea Zuercher, Health Affairs PDF.
  • Nick Renton's Q&A page and a paper on style manuals. (Both are Web pages.)

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Ann Fothergill-Brown maintains the Directory of CE-L Freelancers and updates it frequently. You can access the directory by clicking the "Freelancers" tab on this website. Follow the instructions on that page to request addition of an entry or updates to it.
  • H. Glenn Court maintains the CE-L Family Album and new photos are added frequently. Follow the instructions at to submit photos.
  • In July 2014, David Newmarch shared an editing rate calculator that he created. It allows the user to see the equivalent fee per hour, per page, or per word according to manuscript length and the pages-per-hour editing level required (right-click and "save as").
  • Diana Stirling's (2008) editing marks for PDF documents (Zip documents):
    Red set (with instructions; right-click and "save as")
    Black set (with instructions; right-click and "save as")
  • In July 2000, Kathy Frost put together a 24-page editing checklist "from my experience, a few friends, and the wonderful generosity of my CEL-mates." That file is posted here in PDF format.
  • Bryna Fischer's checklist form for writers and editors is here. (It's a tiny PDF.)
  • The Copyeditors' Knowledge Base is available at E-mail Katharine O'Moore-Klopf at if you have information to be added to it.
  • CE-L Logos: If you want to use the CE-L logo, you'll find various formats and sizes here.

Other Topics

More Food for Thought

Now available for purchase from the CE-L store, Copyediting-L Gear: More Food for Thought, the second CE-L cookbook. A total of 96 editors from around the world contributed 225 recipes for this project. Want to know what recipes are in the book before you buy? Download a PDF of the recipe list here. (If you should find any errors in the cookbook after you purchase it, please e-mail CE-Lmate Katharine O'Moore-Klopf at so that corrections can be made.)

Food for Thought

More than 50 editors from around the world contributed their favorite recipes to Food for Thought, the first CE-L cookbook. CE-Lmates are working on making it available for sale through Copyediting-L Gear. Meanwhile, you may download the book, print it, and sell copies to raise money for any charity.

View this file for a quick review of the project:
Download fd4thot.txt — the text file that contains information about how you may use Food for Thought. (7K)

Download these files for use with Adobe Acrobat:
Download cookfrnt.pdf — the Food for Thought front matter Acrobat file. (100K)
Download cooktext.pdf — the Food for Thought text Acrobat file. (589K)
NOTE: The two main files are in Adobe Acrobat format, version 2.1.

Download these files if you want the book in PostScript format:
Download — the Food for Thought front matter PostScript file. (ZIP - 318K)
Download — the Food for Thought text PostScript file. (ZIP - 1,560K)


Directory of CE-L Freelancers

As a service to its subscribers, Copyediting-L maintains this directory of freelancers (part-time and full-time). This page is updated monthly. Individuals and companies who employ freelancers may request a copy in text, RTF, or Microsoft Word format by sending a request to

You can search for freelancers by subject, region, type of materials, or skill by using the Find or Search command of your browser to search in this page. You can also find new and revised listings by searching for the text "NEW!" or "REVISED."

This directory is a single HTML page. Please allow enough time, given your Internet connection, for the page to load fully.

If you are a freelancer AND a CE-L subscriber, you may be listed in the directory of CE-L freelancers.

  1. Send your email request to
  2. Use "CE-L Directory Update" as the subject line.
  3. Please note in the beginning of the body of email whether the listing is new or revised.
  4. Please follow the format EXACTLY, including line headings followed by a colon (type of work, experience, and such). Please cut and paste this sample and insert your own information.
  5. Send message as text: no HTML, no attachments.
  6. Please do not include other information.
  7. Please be sure to send the request from the e-mail address from which you subscribe to CE-L or your listing will NOT be included. The address in the listing need not be the same as the sending address.
  8. Remember that this directory is publicly available on the Internet.

Please follow these directions EXACTLY.

  • Be sure to cut and paste the sample and then insert your own information.
  • If revising an entry, please send a completely new one, not just the changed information.
  • Please PROOFREAD your entry.

Look at how others have handled their entries in the directory. You may omit any information that is not relevant or that you simply don’t care to provide.

Please follow this format EXACTLY.

Surname, Firstname
Business Name (if any)
Street Address, City, ST 12345 COUNTRY and
800-111-3333 (voice), 800-222-4444 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, translation (Romulan <-> Mongol) rewriting, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1905 (freelance since 1925); since 1930 (academic indexing)
Subjects: International affairs, social sciences, natural sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

This directory was last revised on 14 September 2014.


Beilharz, Margie
Bookin, Levi
Carlson-Bradley, Martha
Cooper, Kelly J.
Ford, Jennifer
Griffith, Jennifer
Henderson, Julie Balsdon
Hochman, Renee
Holmberg, Sheryl
Houghton, Kathryn
Josey, Diane
Kouba, Dennis
Lindsey, Susan
Loumiotis, Rebecca
Lyons, Rebecca
Nagel, Darla
Petton, Jessica
Price, Laurie
Roettger, Lisa
Rubin, Leslie G.
Savage, Lynn
Schultz, Gail
Stoffregen, Morgan
Williams, Sandra K.
Wotipka, Paul

Beauvoir, Jeannette de
Bergmann, Merrie
Farbey, David
Festa, Ashley
Fothergill-Brown, Ann


Addicott, Sara
Seattle, WA 98115 USA
206-713-3433 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2008 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Social sciences, general nonfiction, cookbooks, travel, many more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Adin, Richard
Freelance Editorial Services
52 Oakwood Blvd.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-4112 USA and
888-643-0302 (voice), 888-459-6545 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, page makeup for book publishers
Type of material: Books, journals
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: Medical, education, business, professional, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelancer; availability inquiry and project scheduling by e-mail, telephone, or website

Agarwal, Ankur
Type of work: copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles
Experience: Since 2005 (freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Science & technology, social sciences, natural sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Aidoo, Angela
Victoria, BC, CANADA
250-483-1866 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals
Experience: Since 2004
Subjects: Fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, Christian, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Ajana, Marianne, MA
w/ord - Translation, writing and editing services
Bjertevej 22, 5750 Ringe, DENMARK and
+45 62 62 33 23 (voice & fax)
Type of work: Translations (Danish <-> English), stylistic and substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, copywriting;
Subjects: Technology, medical, advertising, cultural and academic texts.

Albano, Catherine M.
WordsWorth Communications
1452 North Chigwell Lane, Webster, NY 14580, USA
585-265-1378 and and AOL & Yahoo IM: cathyedit
Type of work: Developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading (hard copy and electronic)
Type of material: Nonfiction (journals, reports, handbooks, manuals, web pages) Fiction (memoirs, children's books)
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Academic, computers, business, technology

Albarillo, Emily
Brooklyn, NY, USA and
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting
Type of material: Books, articles
Experience: Since 2011
Subjects: Linguistics, social sciences, library science, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Alexander, Holly
Alexander Editorial Services
Eugene, OR, USA and
Type of work: Copyediting (Chicago, APA, and house styles), proofreading
Type of material: Trade and scholarly nonfiction, e-books, articles, reports, Web sites, blogs, newsletters
Experience: Since 2001 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Social sciences, including criminal justice, history, human rights, international affairs, political science, public policy, social work, and sociology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Alexander, Lindsey
2413 Wilson Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, developmental/substantive editing, copywriting
Type of materials: Trade and academic books, manuscripts, journals, websites, print and online marketing
Experience: Since 2004
Subjects: Fiction (adult and children’s), memoir, biography, art, history, music, pop culture, humanities, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Allen, Catherine Judge, MA, ELS
Catherine Judge Allen Editorial Services
5897 Carol Court, DeMotte, IN 46310 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, author’s editing (electronic and hard copy)
Type of material: Books, journal articles
Experience: Since 1974 (freelance since 1993)
Subjects: Medicine, surgery, zoology

Allen, Eileen
Eileen Allen Editorial Services
PO Box 206, Pompey, NY 13138 USA
315-378-9466 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, indexing
Type of materials: Nonfiction, books, journals, articles, reports, grant proposals, conference papers, newsletters
Experience: Since 1990 (part-time freelance, full-time in academia)
Subjects: Library science, information science, technology, music, culture, social sciences, nature, wildlife, fiber arts, gardening, education, home improvement, general interest
Availability: Part-time freelance

Alluisi, Jennifer
Green Ink Edits
290 Riverbend Dr #4B, Charlottesville, VA 22911 USA and
434-962-0441 (cell)
Type of work: Proofreading, basic copyediting, extensive copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, resumes, advertising, training material, PowerPoint presentations, grant proposals
Experience: Since 2000 (freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Literature, education, association management, mortgage/finance, healthcare/psychology (terminology), regulatory research quality assurance (terminology)
Availability: Part-time freelance

Altenburg, Andrea
More Specifically
4730 Box Lane, Sylvania, OH 43560 USA and
419-360-6074 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, technical writing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, business material, resumes, help documentation
Experience: Full time since 2003 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: business, computer software, nonfiction
Availability: Part-time freelance

Anderson, Eric
Chromoschema Editing Services
9 McGee St, Guelph, ON N1H5L1 CANADA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, reviewing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2010
Subjects: Self-publishing, sci-fi, pop-sci, history, fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Anderson, Lynne
3191 W. Mark Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 USA
Type of work: Developmental editing, content editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books (fiction and nonfiction), articles, web sites, correspondence
Experience: Freelance since 2004
Subjects:  All
Availability: Part-time to full-time freelance

Antrobus, David
Be Write There
Mission, BC, CANADA and
604-316-4285 (cell)
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, rewriting, writing, ebook formatting
Type of material: Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, articles, essays, reports, academic papers, business and web copy (proficient in UK, Canadian, and US English)
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Fiction (contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative, crime), nonfiction (music, film, literature, art), academic (social sciences, arts) youth issues, digital and popular culture
Availability: Full-time freelance

Armstrong, Cassie
MorningStar Editing
3420 Hideaway Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA and
719-494-6674 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, line editing, substantive editing, research, manuscript evaluations
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, catalogs, web sites
Experience: Since 1982 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: children’s literature, parenting, cuisine, cultural studies, education, ethnic studies, folklore, gardening, history, needle arts, and women’s studies
Availability: Full-time freelance

Arzooman, Jan
Arzooman Editorial
73-45 210th Street, Apt. 2G, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364 USA and
+13476136943 (voice), +13476136943 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing, website reviews & updates, social media marketing, blogging, research, medical editing, website creation & maintenance
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1986 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Medical (especially familiar with cardiology and oncology), general reporting, fiction, nonfiction
Availability: Part-time freelance

Ashkenaz, Judy
Judy Ashkenaz / Editorial Services
Beverly, MA 01915 USA
978-927-4182 (voice)
Type of work: Developmental editing, writing, rewriting, editorial project management
Type of material: College textbooks and supplements, trade nonfiction, academic monographs, articles, reports
Experience: Since 1981
Subjects: Social sciences and humanities
Availability: Full-time freelance

Aston, Margie
Astonishing Author Services
140 Plains Road #53, Windham, CT 06280 USA and
860-450-8428 (voice), 860-617-6004 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journal articles, theses and dissertations
Experience: Since 1996 (freelance since 2012)
Subjects: Fiction (historical, romance, contemporary, young adult, women’s fiction, humor, fantasy); non-fiction (social sciences, literary analysis, research and development)
Availability: Full-time freelance


Babbitt, Kate, Ph.D
152 Melbourne Street, Vestal, NY 13850 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: History, anthropology, religious studies, African studies, women’s history, queer studies, cultural studies, college textbooks

Bakke, Jason L.
1717 R Street NW #207; Washington, DC 20009 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, copywriting, proofreading
Type of material: Journals, articles, technical manuals, marketing materials
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Technology, business, marketing, pop culture, literature

Balant, Nicole
Portland, ME, USA
Type of work: Copyediting (CMS, APA), proofreading, rewriting
Type of material: Technical and academic books, textbooks, and journals
Experience: Since 1986
Subjects: Social sciences, humanities, science, business

Barber, Ellen
Ellen Barber Editorial Services
Albuquerque, NM, USA and
Type of work: Writing, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, fact checking
Type of material: Books, journals, websites, corporate publications, articles, reports, conference proceedings, marketing materials, manuals
Experience: Since 1993 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: Business, investment, investment management, real estate, education, humanities
Availability: Full-time freelance

Baresch, Brian
PO Box 470662, Fort Worth, TX 76147-0662 USA
Type of work: copyediting
Type of material: journals, articles, web sites
Experience: Newspapers since 1987 (freelance since 1997)
Subjects: International affairs, media studies, politics, health and fitness
Availability: Part time

Barker, Kristy
40 Prebend Gardens, London W6 0XU UK
07950 931 427 (mobile)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2007 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Social sciences, humanities, education, music, TV, film, sport, fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Barrett, Julia R.
3510 Cross Street, Madison, WI 53711 USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, science writing
Type of material: Research reports and journal articles
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: Agriculture, biological and medical sciences, environmental toxicology

Baxter, Zara
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, web editing, technical, online and feature writing, proofreading, project management, desktop publishing
Type of material: Magazines, web pages, manuals, reports, white papers, science fiction, fantasy, horror, general nonfiction
Experience: Since 1998
Subjects: Biology (general, microbiology, genetics), genealogy, computers, IT, general consumer interest, fiction (science fiction/fantasy/slipstream/horror), general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Beard, Brittany
Long Beach, CA 90807 USA
310-703-4127 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2006 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Creative writing, essays, fiction, nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Beauvoir, Jeannette de
Customline Wordware
PO Box 484, North Truro MA 02652 USA, 508.776.3265 (only phone)
Type of work: Substantive editing, developmental editing, copyediting, copywriting, business writing
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, websites
Experience: Since 1990
Subjects: fiction, business, marketing, self-help, history, religion Availability: Full-time freelance

Beilharz, Margie
The Open Desk
1 Derby St, Northcote, Vic 3070 AUSTRALIA and
+61 415 448 065 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing, social media, blogging, researching, project management
Type of material: Articles, reports, annual reports, web sites, newsletters, academic and corporate communications, manuals, media releases (Australian English)
Experience: Since 2008 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: Nonfiction, popular science, general science, environment, business communications, marketing materials
Availability: Part-time freelance

Beitel, Stephen
2 Woodmoor Circle, East Amherst, NY 14051 USA
sbeitel [at] ftml [dot] net
716-861-3990 (voice), 716-636-0361 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing, writing, rewriting, proofreading
Type of material: Academic and trade nonfiction and articles; business and marketing reports
Experience: Since 1992 (freelance since 2002)
Subjects: Most humanities and social science fields, religion, business

Bergmann, Merrie, PhD
AcademicCopyEditor and
Type of work: Substantive editing, copy editing, ESL/EFL editing
Type of material: Academic books and articles, web sites, dissertations
Experience: Since 2011 (freelance)
Subjects: Computer science, science & technology, social sciences, humanities
Availability: Full-time freelance

Berson, Margaret
Portland, Oregon, USA and
Type of work: Copyediting and indexing. Back-of-book indexes created with Cindex; embedded indexes in Microsoft Word
Type of material: Manuscripts, books, manuals and instructional documents, handbooks, reports, textbooks, web content
Experience: Since 1989
Subjects: Computer software, computer programming, history, religious studies, anthropology, social science; most nonfiction subjects are welcome
Availability: Full-time freelance

Bethell, Miranda
experienced and highly qualified word services
Hill View Cottage, Ludwell, Wiltshire SP7 9NE UK and
+441747 828572 (voice), 07702 713542 (cell)
Type of work: Translation (French/German <-> English); substantive editing, line editing, copyediting; rewriting; proofreading in English, French and German
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2008
Subjects: literature, architecture, history of art, Management Sciences, environment, fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Bills, Suzy
Editing by Suzy
Orem, UT, USA and
602-318-2218 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, researching
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, business documents, dissertations and theses
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: All, but particularly education, health, and business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Blanding, Jonathan, MS, ELS
Type of work: Writing; developmental, substantive, and copy editing
Type of material: Journals, articles, white papers, protocols, reports, labeling, grant proposals
Experience: Biochemist 1982-1993 (freelance editor since 1993)
Subjects: Science, medicine, biomedicine, biotechnology; focus on IVDs for patient self-testing
Availability: Full-time freelance

Bloom, Miriam, PhD, ELS(D)
SciWrite Biomedical Writing & Editing Services
2584 Elizabeth St. #5, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, author’s editing, copyediting, writing
Type of material: Biomedical manuscripts
Experience: Since 1991
Subjects: Genetics, genetic diseases, molecular biology, medicine, health
Availability: Full-time freelance

Blumenstein, Molly
5454 1/2 45th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98136 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading, research/fact checking
Type of material: Books, book reviews, journals, articles, manuals
Experience: Since 2005
Subjects: literature, arts, literary criticism, memoir, travel, nature, current affairs, cookbooks, reference
Availability: Full-time freelance

Bookin, Levi
POB 37202, Agrippas, Jerusalem 9137101 ISRAEL
Type of work: Substantive editing, copy editing, rewriting translations, desktop publishing
Type of material: Books
Experience: Editing since 2001. Legal and other document drafting since 1965
Subjects: European history, biography, Judaica
Availability: Full-time freelance

Brady, Michael
Michael Brady Design
107 Faucette Mill Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278 USA and
919-923-4455 (cell)
Type of work: Graphic design and production; line editing, copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, other printed matter
Experience: Since 1972 (freelance since 2005)
Subjects: General academic texts, especially legal and policy analysis, educational subjects; humanities and general-interest topics
Availability: Full-time freelance

Brandstater, Chuck
Accentuated Brandname Creativity, Inc.
PO Box 426067, Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, writing (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Business and technical materials, book-length or shorter
Experience: Since 1996 (freelance)
Subjects: Finance, internet, law, marketing, printing, software

Braverman, Mimi
2 Indiana Ave., Sinking Spring, PA 19608-9782 USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Scholarly books and journals
Experience: Editing since 1982, Freelancing since 1998
Subjects: Physical and earth sciences (including history of science), social sciences (anthropology, economics, etc.), some biological sciences, some humanities.

Brenner, Erin
Right Touch Editing
4 Country Spring Loop, Haverhill, MA 01832 USA and
978-996-0389 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, fact-checking, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1995 (freelance since 2005)
Subjects: Business, Web, marketing, literature, general interest
Availability: Full-time freelance

Brock, Kathy
Longmeadow, MA 01106 USA
413-636-8132 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, fact checking; electronic editing in both Word and Acrobat
Type of material: Books, corporate publications, marketing materials
Experience: Since 1978 (freelance since 1986)
Subjects: Nonfiction, including (but not limited to) art and architecture, cinema, cookbooks and food, crafts, design, gardening, health and well-being, sustainability, and travel/tourism
Availability: Full-time freelance

Brooks, David
SPS Group, Inc.
169 S. Main Street; #384, New City, NY 10956 USA and
646-808-0977 (voice), 818-398-6828 (cell)
Type of work: primary content writing for trade/industrial topics; search engine optimization of content
Type of material: ecommerce catalogs, investor presentations/business plans, blogs, press releases, websites, brochures, newsletters, emails, trade show exhibits
Experience: Since 1982 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: chemicals, plastics, packaging, printing & converting, paper manufacturing, electronics, optics, biodegradation and composting
Availability: Full-time freelance

Broomfield, Liz
Birmingham, UK and Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, indexing (also copywriting, typing and transcribing)
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, theses and dissertations, novels, web sites, blogs, advertising material, work translated into English for polishing by a native speaker
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance since 2009)
Subjects: Any except very technical or mathematics. Strong in humanities, business, social sciences, religion. Particularly strong with writers for whom English is a second language

Brown, Janet L.
Phoenix, AZ, USA
480-363-8182 (cell)
Type of work: Copy editing (Chicago, AP, house styles), proofreading, formatting
Type of material: Online content, web sites, articles, newsletters, trade publications, blogs
Experience: Freelancing since 2012; as part of job responsibilities, since 2006
Subjects: Sports (NFL, MLB), Christianity, animals/pets, travel, geography, technology, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Brunson, Kara
Silk Road Editing
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting and proofreading
Type of material: Academic and trade nonfiction books, dissertations, journal articles
Experience: Since 1998 (freelance since 2009)
Subjects: International affairs, communication, religion, business and management, natural health
Availability: Full-time freelance

Bryan, Drew
6300 East 140th Place, Grandview, MO 64030 USA
816-763-9795 or 816-820-8939
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, manuals, articles
Experience: Since 1987
Subjects: Academic, legal, philosophical, general

Burch, Kelly
San Jose, CA, USA
800-111-3333 (voice), 800-222-4444 (cell)
Type of work: substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, coding/formatting/styling, indexing (controlled vocabulary and back of book), proofreading, fact checking, expertise with nonnative English
Type of material: journal articles, trade nonfiction, reports, articles, textbooks, reference works, conference proceedings, thesauri, bibliographic databases
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: academic, humanities, social sciences, literary theory, hard-core linguistics, psychology, history, education, life sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Burkley, Marilyn
Albany Editorial Services
Albany, OR 97321 USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2011 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Nonfiction, any, but especially textbooks, health, business, religion, medical, humanities
Availability: Full-time freelance

Busch, Nikki
Nikki Busch Editing Services
Mount Arlington, NJ 07856 USA and
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting (Chicago), rewriting, copywriting, book blurbs
Type of material: Fiction and nonfiction books, web sites, digital media, business reports
Experience: Since 1984 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: Romance, mystery, LGBT, paranormal, suspense, crime, YA/NA, and science fiction; small business promotion; self publishing
Availability: Full-time freelance


Caldwell, Bernadette
5007 McKenna Road Monona, WI 53716 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, developmental editing
Type of materials: Journals, books, technical materials, educational materials
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: Chemistry, geography, agriculture/forestry, geosciences, education

Callahan, Jean, Ph.D.
62 Bank Street, Newfield, NY 14867 USA
607-564-3622 (voice), 607-379-9131 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Academic and trade nonfiction books, journals, articles, doctoral dissertations, web sites, dictionaries, glossaries, writing (leveled) for K-12
Experience: Since 1998 (copyediting); since 2002 (substantive editing)
Subjects: Arts and humanities, linguistics, lexicography, psychology, education, popular culture
Availability: Part-time freelance

Cameron, Lesley
Maple Ridge, BC, CANADA and
604-467-4615 (landline), 604-477-4074 (fax)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading
(English and French), translating (French > English), reviewing translations
Type of materials: Books, newsletters, articles, manuals, correspondence, marketing materials, reports
Experience: Since 1993 (in-house then freelance)
Subjects: Arts and social sciences, children and child care, commerce, conflict management, cookbooks, eating disorders, general fiction, health and nutrition, history, languages, memoirs, vegetarianism
Availability: Full-time freelance

Campbell, Nancy
38 Old High Street, Oxford OX3 9HN UK and
+44 (0) 7758 519850
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of materials: Academic/scholarly and nonfiction trade books, fiction, journals, websites, bibliographies
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: Humanities, literature, visual arts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Carlson-Bradley, Martha
Editing Services
PO Box 68, Hillsborough, NH 03244 USA and
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, chapbooks, journals, articles, fellowship applications
Experience: Freelance since 2003
Subjects: Fiction; poetry; nonfiction; scholarship in humanities, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Carter, Belinda
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
Type of work: Copyediting, writing, proofreading (electronic), research, design, content creation for websites
Type of material: Books, newsletters, magazines, websites
Experience: Since 2001
Subjects: Computers, especially Apple, travel

Case, Ingrid
701 27th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 USA 612-788-1085
Type of work: Substantive/development editing, line editing, rewriting, copy writing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, newsletters, brochures
Experience: Since 1988
Subjects: Finance, business, investing, translate technical topics into English
Availability: Full-time freelance

Champion, Suzanne
Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting (light or standard), proofreading, translation (Swedish, French, German -> English), translation proofreading, ESL editing (language editing), technical writing
Type of material: Advertising, marketing, B2B, manuals, nonfiction books, college textbooks, e-books, journals, articles, reports, websites, blogs
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: Art and antiques, humanities, academic, business, green/sustainability, popular health/medical/science, self-help, real estate, technology, women’s studies, and more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Cheyer, Alice
Sharon, MA 02067 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, research
Type of material: Edit any nonfiction (books, journals, articles, reports, websites); proofread any nonfiction or fiction
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: Any, including AI, banking, business, computers, drama, economics, energy, environment, ESL, history, humanities, Internet, literacy, neuroscience, social sciences, statistics, systems

Chizinsky, Sandra
Beacon Editorial
7 Lupine Lane, South Burlington, VT, USA
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copy editing, and project oversight
Type of material: Books, reports, monographs, journal articles, proposals, corporate communications, and marketing materials
Experience: Since 1983
Subjects: Conflict management, economic development, emergency management, ethics, finance, human resources, intergovernmental relations, international development, peacebuilding, public administration, management and supervision, public policy, real estate development, risk management, sustainability, urban planning
Availability: Full-time freelance

Chodak, Elizabeth (Beth)
Type of work: Line editing, copy editing, proofreading
Type of material: Articles, reports, websites using Word or content-management systems
Experience: Since 1995 (freelance since 2009)
Subjects: Business technology, consumer technology, government/politics, general interest
Availability: Part-time to full-time freelance

Ciaccio, Michele
9220 1/2 Beverly Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA
310-926-5295 (voice), 310-440-7778 (fax)
Type work: Copyediting, permissions, proofreading
Type materials: Books, journals
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Architecture, art, art history, classics, design, law, philosophy, political science

Cohen, Beth
734 Turf Road, North Woodmere, NY 11581 USA
516-284-6425 (voice)
Type of work: Proofreading, photo research, text permissions, light copyediting, data entry
Type of material: College textbooks (humanities) and supplements, fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, Judaica, catalogs
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2007)
Availability: Part-time freelance

Compton, James A.
1576 First Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 USA
925-256-8794 (voice), 925-899-9269 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1981 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Personal computers and technology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Cooper, Kelly J.
KJC Edits
1770 Mass Ave #632, Cambridge, MA 02140 USA and
1-617-771-1903 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, research, fact-checking
Type of material: nonfiction only for books, book chapters, theses, dissertations, journals, articles, reports, ad copy, web sites, and comics (fiction or nonfiction)
Experience: Since 1994 (freelance since 2005)
Subjects: Specializing in psychology, social sciences, general science, and technology but interested in any nonfiction topics
Availability: Full-time freelance

Coulter, Neil R.
SIL Box 1 (151), Ukarumpa EHP 444 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, &
+675 537-4677
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting, translation (Tok Pisin <-> English), rewriting, fact checking
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2012
Subjects: Ethnomusicology, musicology, visual arts, anthropology, cultural studies, performance studies, sociolinguistics, literature, missiology, Christianity
Availability: Part-time freelance

Court, Helen Glenn
Asheville, NC, USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, reports
Experience: Since 1990 (freelance since 1995)
Subjects: International affairs, social sciences, memoir, archaeology, biography, general nonfiction, trade fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Cudnik, Carole
Niceville, FL 32578 USA and
850-974-3392 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, research, and fact-checking
Type of material: Book manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction), magazine articles, devotionals, memoirs, guidebooks, and newsletters
Experience: Since 1990 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: Specializes in Christian, inspirational, and clean reading fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts and articles; other areas include religion/spirituality, international affairs, humanities, military, and political science
Availability: Full-time freelance

Culbertson, Philip
2101 North Berne Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, project development
Type of materials: Book manuscripts, journal articles, theses and dissertations
Subjects: Theology, religious studies, Bible, psychology, gender studies, Pacific cultures

Cutler, Ellen B.
LNB Associates
567 Beards Hill Road, Aberdeen, MD 21001 USA and
410-272-1905 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, research, rewriting
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Freelance since 2000
Subjects: Art, art history, humanities, education
Availability: Part-time freelance


Dahl, Kathryn K.
28 Heatherland Road, Newton, MA 02461 USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, production coordination
Type of material: Textbooks, scholarly books, journals, association publications, nonfiction for a general audience
Experience: Since 1980 (freelance since 1997)
Subjects: Social studies (including history, government, contemporary issues), education, international development, general interest

Daniel, Howard E.
2475 Orleans St., Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA and
707-303-7144 (voice), 707-888-4724 (cell)
Type of work: Writing, copyediting, substantive editing
Type of material: Business writing - speeches, opinion/op-ed pieces, website copy, brochures, news releases, reports, analyses, misc. business writing. Editing - any general expository material (material not requiring specialized technical background), books
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: Anything an experienced, well-read generalist could research and make sense of
Availability: Full-time

Davidson, Suzanne
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Type of work: Copyediting (electronic or paper)
Type of material: College texts, scholarly works, nonfiction
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: Social sciences, law and criminal justice, business and finance, politics, public policy, history, genealogy
Availability: Full-time freelance

Davis, April
Editorial Inspirations
15086 Brown Pleasants Road, Montpelier, VA 23192-2642 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting (hard copy and electronic), indexing, proofreading, researching, writing
Type of material: Articles, books, brochures, corporate communications, dissertations, essays, handbooks, journals, manuals, reports, training material, websites
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance)
Subjects: Academic, carpentry, engineering, fiction, how-to, humanities, law, memoirs, nonfiction, organizational behaviors, personal history, professional development, social sciences

Davis, Kerry
Meadow Creek Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 622, Crowheart, WY 82512 USA
kldavis [at] wyoming [dot] com
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, writing, research
Type of material: books, journals, newsletters, articles, website content, procedure manuals
Experience: Since 1991 (freelance since 2003)
Subjects: Business management, credit and collections, finance, advertising, agriculture, corporate reports, general interest

Davis, Lloyd
6-19 Tennis Crescent, Toronto, ON M4K 1J4 CANADA
416-462-0230 (voice), 416-462-1840 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting (hard copy and onscreen), line editing, indexing, proofreading
Type of material: Books (nonfiction and fiction), newsletters, marketing materials -- and, once, a Cheerios box
Experience: Since 1987 (freelance since 2000)
Subjects: Biography, sports (hockey, baseball, curling), pop culture, business (personal finance, investing), history, media, politics, technology, computers, fiction, young-adult fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

DeDanan, Mary
CatchWord Writing Studio
North Bay Area, CA, USA and
Type of work: Developmental editing, dramaturgy, line editing, copy editing, coaching; self-publishing assistance, POD, e-books
Type of material: Fiction, memoir, drama, creative nonfiction; business reports, advertising, web content, blogs, newsletters; dissertations, and academic books
Experience: Since 1974 (writing); since 1985 (editing)
Subjects: Environment, green/off-grid living, alternative building, gardening, homesteading, nature and wilderness, climate change, wildfire planning, forestry; health, alternative medicine, herbalism, food; spirituality, mythology/folklore, yoga; music, literature, theater, American Impressionist art, Celtic culture; history, sociology, cultural studies, feminism, and political science
Availability: Full-time freelance

Devaney, MJ
Williamsburg, VA, USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, articles, essays
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, science, medicine

DeVinney, Timothy J.
Titivillus Editorial Services
88A Denbigh Street, London SW1V 2EX UK and
Type of work: Editing and copyediting
Type of material: Journal articles, trade nonfiction, textbooks, Web pages, XML documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint slides, FileMaker databases, Illustrator graphics, and PGP encrypted documents
Experience: Since 1987
Subjects: Medicine, immunology, genetics, psychology, psychiatry, psychopharmacology, self-help, philosophy, religion, cultural history (Greece and Turkey), t’ai chi, Buddhism, and Taoism

Ditmore, Tammy
eDitmore Editorial Services
501-I South Reino Road #194, Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, letters, blog posts
Experience: Since 1983 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: International affairs, social sciences, humanities, Christian and religious themes, business, historical fiction, grad student papers
Availability: Full-time freelance

Dixon, Sierra
Bloomfield, CT 06002 USA
Type of work: Proofreading, creating style guides/style sheets
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, organization/institution documents
Experience: Since 2013
Subjects: Art history, biography, fashion history, film, memoir, nonfiction
Availability: Part-time freelance

Dorsch, Audrey
Dorsch Editorial
1275 Markham Road, #305, Toronto, ON M1H 3A2 CANADA and
416-439-4320 (voice), 416-439-5089 (fax)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copy editing, indexing, proofreading, layout.
Experience: Since 1976
Subjects: Children and child care; Christianity; current events; education; history; journalism; language arts; religion; social justice; spirituality; teaching

Douglas, Ellen PhD
Douglas Proofreading and Copyediting
Sellersville, PA 18960 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading
Type of material: scholarly books, journals, articles; reports, newsletters, advertising materials
Experience: Since 2010
Subjects: classical studies, history, linguistics, humanities; business
Availability: Part-time freelance

Dowdle, Brittany
Word Cat Editorial Services
PO Box 1697, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 USA and
Type of work: copyediting, line editing, proofreading, research, fact-checking, writing, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web content, marketing materials, brochures, e-books
Experience: Since 2006 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, literature, 18th- and 19th-century literature, nature, outdoors, academic and scholarly (especially English and art history), automotive and racing history, other
Availability: Full-time freelance

Dubnick, Heather
Heather Dubnick Editorial Services
39 Dodge St. #356, Beverly, MA 01915 USA and
978-969-3122 (voice), 508-932-6955 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, translation (English--Spanish), proofreading, indexing, project management
Type of material: Books, journals, articles
Experience: Since 2001 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, arts, foreign language
Availability: Full-time freelance

Duffy, Sarah J.
5959 Franklin Ave., Apt. 311, Hollywood, CA 90028 USA
duffstar [at] gmail [dot] com
Type of work: copyediting, proofreading
Type of materials: books, journal articles, essays, reports, theses
Experience: Since 2001
Subjects: Academic — mainly education, ESL/EFL, linguistics


Eagan, Kevin
P.O. Box 138261, Clermont, FL 34713 USA and
618-972-0465 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, book layout
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2007 (freelance)
Subjects: Humanities, literature, arts/culture, creative nonfiction, social sciences, academic writing, travel writing, self-help, digital publishing, technology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Earnshaw, Olivia
366 E 600 N, Provo, UT 84606 USA
207-756-3265 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles
Experience: Magazines, looking to build portfolio
Subjects: International affairs, political science
Availability: Full-time freelance

Eastman, Carol
800 1st Ave. N., Seattle WA 98109 USA
206-284-7648 (voice), 206-604-3626 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, fact checking (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Trade and promotional books, articles, corporate communications, Web site copy, handbooks, manuals, cookbooks
Experience: Since 1991 (developmental and substantive editing), since 1996 (business writing and editing)
Subjects: Business process management, history, political science, arts and literature, consumer affairs, personal finance, games and puzzles, recipes
Availability: Full-time freelance

Edmond, Treasa
PO Box 946, Rogersville, MO 65742 USA and
417-812-5985 (voice)
Type of work: Academic editing, Proofreading, copyediting, substantive editing, line editing, rewriting
Type of material: Dissertations, thesis papers, academic work, journals, articles, reports, web site content, books
Experience: Since 2000 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Theology, social sciences, business, communication, counseling
Availability: Full-time freelance

Eerkes-Medrano, John
943 Bank Street, Victoria, BC V8S 4B1 CANADA
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: History, biography, memoirs, current affairs, international affairs, travel, exploration, politics
Availability: Full-time freelance

Elphick, Jon
P·R·E·S·S (publishing, research & editorial support services)
Honeysuckle Cottage, Biddenden, Ashford TN27 8HH UK
44 1580 292045
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, fact checking, page layout in Quark & InDesign
Type of material: Magazines, periodicals, brochures, reports, websites
Experience: Printing industry since 1974; publishing since 1990; chief subeditor/production editor since 1997; freelance since 2003
Subjects: Air travel, rail travel, cruising, retail, industrial

Eng, Joanna
Queens, NY and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, writing, blogging, formatting
Type of material: Articles, reports, fact sheets, websites, blogs, newsletters, ebooks, books
Experience: Since 2005
Subjects: Business, nonprofit, environment, travel, careers, culture, lifestyle
Availability: Full-time freelance

Enticknap, Sarah
Route 1, Box 1786, San Leon, TX 77539 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of materials: Books, journals
Experience: Since 1989
Subjects: Medical, scientific, nonfiction

Erlick, Louise S.
Type of work: copyediting, proofreading, research/fact-checking
Type of materials: statistical, annual, and other reports; magazine and journal articles; marketing materials; Web site text; directories and catalogs; examinations and related information
Experience: Since 1978
Subjects: general, health care, education, government

Ernst, Stephanie
5603 Neosho Street
St. Louis, MO 63109 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing, line editing, developmental editing, writing/rewriting, research
Type of material: Books (nonfiction and fiction), journals, encyclopedias, textbooks, academic and legal articles, Web sites, public relations materials
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: literary criticism, conservation and environmental studies, animal rights, green living, women’s studies, LGBT studies, history, secondary education
Availability: Full-time freelance

Estrella, Debra
DEL Editorial Services
13 Tanglewood Court Apt. 6, West Warwick, RI 02893 USA and and 401-615-8815 (phone/fax)
Type of work: Instructional editing, developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, fact checking, reference work, writing and rewriting
Type of material: Books/manuals, periodicals, workshop guides and materials, proposals, slide presentations, Web/CD-ROM programs, video and audio scripts, assessments, newsletters, press releases/press kits, marketing materials
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2002)
Subjects: Addiction and recovery, cardiology, clinical pharmacology, customer service, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, government healthcare, gynecology, healthcare reimbursement, hepatology, immunology, managed care, marketing, nephrology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, pain management, professional development, psychiatry, pulmonology, self help, selling skills, urology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Every, Barbara, ELS
BioMedical Editor
14 Gilmore Crescent, St. Albert, AB T8N 1B3 CANADA
780-418-1969 (voice), 780-418-0052 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, stylistic editing, substantive editing, proofreading, journal formatting, AMA and APA styling, writing
Type of material: Medical and scientific journal articles, technical reports, textbooks, websites, business materials
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 1996)
Subjects: Specialize in general and technical biomedical science (eg, biology, genetics, health care, medicine, psychology) and working with authors whose first language is not English
Availability: Full-time freelance


Farbey, David
London, N20, UK and
Type of work: Technical writing, technical editing, writing, rewriting, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: User guides, help files, books, journals, articles, reports, corporate communications, web sites
Experience: Since 1994, freelance since 2004
Subjects: computer software and hardware, technology, general business topics; Judaism; other topics welcome
Availability: Part-time freelance

Fatton, Joe
40 Vessel Rock Rd., Gilsum, NH 03448 USA
Type of work: Copyediting and proofreading
Type of material: Books, magazines, manuals, technical materials
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: Computer technology, computer industry, technical editing, literature

Fernandez, Philomena
XII/220A, Desai Road, Vazhakala, Kochi 682030 INDIA
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, rewriting, proofreading, researching
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2001 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Management, social sciences, natural sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Festa, Ashley
Ashley Festa Writing & Editing
San Antonio, TX, USA and
210-373-8681 (business)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting
Type of material: Blogs, articles, features, reports, websites
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Varies, Specialty: higher education
Availability: Full-time freelance

Fester, Jennifer
548 Reese Ave, East Dundee, IL 60118 USA
Type of work: Copyediting/proofreading (Chicago, APA, Bluebook)
Type of material: Textbooks, trades, journals, marketing materials
Experience: Since 1994 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Mathematics, literature, physical sciences, social sciences, religion, business, law
Availability: Full-time freelance

Fico-White, Lorraine
Magnifico Manuscripts
Charlotte, NC 28104 USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, annual reports, marketing and advertising materials, technical documents, web sites
Experience: Since 2009
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction, business, technical
Availability: Full-time freelance

Fisher, Deborah
1343 Elon Circle, Fort Washington, PA 19034 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, writing
Type of material: Books, magazines, newsletters, directories, technical materials, newspapers
Experience: Since 1988
Subjects: Business, computers, real estate, music; can learn any topic

Flanagan, Barbara G.
147 Winthrop Road #3, Brookline, MA 02445 USA
617-823-5454 (voice only)
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing
Type of material: College textbooks, trade nonfiction
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: Catholicism, Russia, Vietnam, baseball; grammar, English, history textbooks
Availability: Trade nonfiction only (minimally part-time)

Flynn, Kelly
White Glove Editing
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, ESL editing (esp. Chinese, German, French), rewriting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, catalogs, web sites, wall text
Experience: Since 1980 (freelance since 2001); 12 years in Asia
Subjects: Contemporary art (esp. Asian), nineteenth- and twentieth-century European art, photography, education, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Ford, Jennifer
112 Cherrywood Ct., Collegeville, PA 19460 USA
202-207-5542 (cell)
Type of work: substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, web content management
Type of material: books, reports, websites, journals
Experience: since 2002 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: medical, social sciences
Availability: part-time freelance

Forgas, Claudia
Claudia Forgas Editorial Services
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Type of work: Copy editing, proofreading, rewriting, substantive editing, stylistic editing, and project management
Type of material: Textbooks, nonfiction trade books, annual reports, newsletters, advertising materials, web sites, and more
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: Management, organizational behavior, the environment, Canadian history, world history, writing guides, psychology, political science, and more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Fothergill-Brown, Ann
Sampler Services
Newboro, ON, CANADA
myeditor AT samplerservices DOT com and
613-272-3181 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing/rewriting, abstracting, table editing, Microsoft Word formatting, Adobe Acrobat (PDF preparation and mark-up)
Type of material: Journal articles, books, e-books, reports, brochures, conference proceedings, manuals, training courses, Web sites
Experience: Since 1978 (freelance since 1998)
Subjects: Medicine (traditional and complementary, esp. dialysis, oncology, medical imaging, therapeutic massage), health care, health economics, applied science, ornithology, computer applications, information technology, public policy, transportation safety, administrative procedures, business plans, other nonfiction

Fox, Rose
83 Park Terrace West #5A, New York, NY 10034 USA and
646-257-2424 (cell), rosefox (Skype), @rosefox (Twitter), @GRAMMARHULK (Twitter)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, line editing, project editing, substantive editing, critique, research, SEO, writing
Type of material: Books, manuscripts, long fiction, short fiction, textbooks, news articles, journal articles, theses and dissertations, white papers, monographs, book/film/restaurant reviews, recipes and cookbooks, websites, resumes, applications
Experience: Since 1996 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Biography and memoir, fiction (romance, erotica, pornography, science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, YA), mythology, folklore, history, geography and travel, language and linguistics, spelling and grammar, writing and journalism, ESL, mathematics, science, medicine (neurology, psychology and psychiatry, geriatrics and gerontology, infectious diseases and epidemiology, oncology, surgery, sexuality), business, project management, technology (hardware, software, programming, social media), crafts (knitting, crochet, hand and machine sewing, embroidery, origami), food and cooking, dance, music, tools, construction, home repair
Availability: Part-time freelance

Freedman, Marilyn
1 N. Tanglewood Way, Andover, MA 01810 USA
978-470-1025 (voice/fax), 978-604-1745 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, research, rewriting, writing (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Textbooks, scholarly books, nonfiction, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1985 (freelance since 1995)
Subjects: Computers and technology, economics, social sciences, psychology, statistics
Availability: Full-time freelance

Fulweiler, Mary
Double Checkers Editing
192 Brecks Lane, Wilmington, DE 19807 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, essays
Experience: Since 2011
Subjects: Music, performing arts, fiction, Shakespeare
Aailability: Part-time freelance


Gargiulo, Joseph
Brooklyn, NY 11223 USA and
347-218-1634 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, essays, dissertations, short stories, plays, poems
Experience: Since 2008
Subjects: Academic, fiction, nonfiction, cultural, sci-fi/fantasy, pop culture, general reporting
Availability: Full-time freelance

Gargaro, David
44 Portofino Court, Thornhill, ON L4J 5P1 CANADA and
905-707-8447 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, indexing
Type of material: Books, articles, newsletters, web sites, marketing materials, training materials
Experience: Since 1993 (freelance since 1993)
Subjects: Mathematics, English, education, marketing
Availability: Full-time freelance

Geist, Jennifer
Geist Imagery and Design
Maryland Heights, MO 63043 USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, content editing, structural editing, design, research and fact-checking, advertising, and marketing
Type of material: Books, journals or magazine articles, reports, websites, marketing material, brochures
Experience: Since 2010
Subjects: All, specializing in fiction, poetry, business-to-business, and technical writing (Chicago, AP, or house styles)
Availability: Part-time freelance

Goldberg, Laurie Lane
Other Eyes Editing
5508 Norwood Avenue, Loveland, CO 80538-9118 USA or
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, revisions, indexing, proofreading (electronic and hard copy)
Type of material: books, articles, reports, web sites, theses, dissertations
Experience: Freelance editing (since 1987); certificate in scholarly editing and publishing (2004)
Subjects: Social science, general nonfiction, self-help, academic
Availability: Part-time freelance

Goldfinch, Christy
Fort Worth, TX, USA
christy [at] cgoldfinch [dot] com
Type of work: Electronic copyediting, light to substantive
Type of material: Legal (Bluebook), college textbooks (CMS)
Experience: Since 1985 (freelance since 2002)
Subjects: Law (all topics); college business (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing); college social sciences/humanities (anthropology, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Goraj, Suzanne
Metuchen, NJ, USA
718-416-5594 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing, rewriting
Type of material: Trade books, reference books, professional manuals and journals
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: General nonfiction, esp. law, health care law and administration, computer training and programming, history, classical music
Availability: Part-time freelance

Gordon, Paula
doing business as Plan B
Wilmington, DE, USA and
866-238-7591 (toll-free voicemail/fax)
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, proofreading, translation (Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian into English), translation review, back translation, legal research
Type of material: Media presentations and scripts, subtitles, essay and opinion, glossaries, legal briefs, journal articles, patient information, commercial and nonprofit communications, web site content, text written by non-native speakers of English
Experience: Since 1983 (freelance), 1995 (copyediting and proofreading), 1998 (translating), 2009 (paralegal)
Subjects: Law (U.S.), medicine, health care, humanities and the arts, culture and politics of post-World War II Yugoslavia and successor countries
Availability: full-time freelance

Gorgiev, Audra
Box 14 Site 3 RR #8, Calgary, AB T2J 2T9 CANADA or
Skype: Audra.Gorgiev; GoogleTalk: Editor.Extraordinaire;
403-931-1606 (voice); 403-612-2980 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, formatting, research (hard copy and electronic)
Type of material: Books (fiction and nonfiction), journal articles/submissions, magazines, reports, K-12 and post-secondary educational materials, ESL documents, Web sites, poetry, prose, memoirs, biographies/autobiographies, marketing/advertising materials
Experience: Since 2000 (freelance)
Subjects: Computers/technology, all science disciplines, history, health/medical, current affairs, finance/investments; fiction romance, suspense/supernatural
Availability: Full-time freelance for short projects or long-term contract

Granat, Bonnie
52 Irving Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA and
617-354-7084 and 617-401-6155
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, substantive (developmental) editing, rewriting, author coaching, writing, evaluating and critiquing
Type of material: Nonfiction books, theses and dissertations, journal articles, reports, manuals
Experience: Since 1970 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: History, politics, computer science, economics, psychology, management, religion, translated text, memoirs

Grey, Sarah
Grey Editing
2600 East York Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA and
267-971-7654 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, resume review, indexing, copywriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, marketing materials, social media
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2005)
Subjects: Marketing, training, social science, human resources, political science, history, sociology, environment, philosophy, women’s issues, immigration, translated texts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Griffith, Jennifer
Jennifer Griffith, Copy Editor
NY, USA and
917-446-0269 (cell)
Type of work: Academic editing, substantive editing, copyediting, non-native writers welcome
Type of material: Academic journal articles, dissertations, theses, academic job applications, resumés, cover letters
Experience: Freelance since 2007
Subjects: Humanities, music, film, education, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance


Haczewski, Grzegorz
ul. Palacha 3 m. 26; 31-325 Kraków, POLAND
Type of work: translations from/to Polish, and from Russian
Type of material: articles, books, technical reports
Experience: Since 1978 (translation), since 1985 (editing)
Subject: geology and other earth sciences

Hadley-Miller, Pat
The Write Word, Inc.
406 Graisbury Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 USA and
856-428-1771 or 856-261-3517 (voice), 8560428-6489 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Edit/proof books (fiction, nonfiction), articles, all business documentation, Web sites.
Experience: Since 1986 (freelance since 1993)
Subjects: General, plus science, medical, and technical docs and manuscripts.

Haley, Carolyn
East Wallingford, VT 05742 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, substantive and developmental editing, proofreading, writing, page production, manuscript preparation
Type of material: Books, magazines, journals, corporate communications and marketing collateral, catalogues, manuals, websites
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction (humanities, earth and animal sciences, business and manufacturing, automotive and transportation, regional interest)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hallman, Karen
3024 Rockville Lane, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, papers, articles, reports
Experience: Since 1991 (full-time freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Business, history, linguistics, literary analysis, medicine, natural and physical sciences, social sciences, technology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hardin, Angela Wesley
Wordland Editing
664-A Freeman Lane #214, Grass Valley, CA, USA
Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Books, magazines, dissertations
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: Music, architecture, design, literary criticism, history, social sciences (especially education), French language, genre fiction, children’s and juvenile

Harper, Katherine
To the Letter Editorial and Research Services
1961 Lakeview Ave., Rocky River, OH 44116 USA and
216-212-9899 (cell)
Type of work: line editing, copyediting, substantive editing, general writing, copywriting, grant writing, rewriting, proofreading, archival and web research, grant prospect research, manuscript critiques, bibliography compilation, reworking text for multiple readerships
Type of material: Books (fiction and non-technical nonfiction), journal articles, magazine articles, press releases, educational materials, newsletters, grant proposals, catalog copy, theses and dissertations, brochures, direct mail copy, instruction guides, stage and film scripts, reports, capsule descriptions, web text
Experience: On-the-job writing and editing since 1985 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: Biography, language, literature, history, other humanities, arts, popular culture, social sciences, general reference, nonprofits, philanthropy, nature, nontechnical
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hartmann, Jonathan
30 Dayton St, #1, New Haven, CT 06515 USA
718-344-4925 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, rewriting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, educational products, technical materials
Experience: Since 2004
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hartshorn, Erin
The Well-Chosen Word
3349 Green Meadow Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017-1942 USA and
Type of work: Indexing (hardcopy & electronic), copyediting (hardcopy & electronic), proofreading, word processing and document formatting
Type of material: Textbooks, cookbooks, books, journals, manuals, newsletters, manuals
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Science, wine, cooking, baking, gardening, pet care/grooming/breeding, Irish history, children’s books, origami, how-to’s, general interest, computer games, travel
Availability: Full-time freelance

Harward, Nancy
10012 Zig Zag Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 USA
Type of work: Copyediting (hard copy & electronic), line editing, substantive editing, writing, copywriting, rewriting, ghostwriting
Type of material: Nonfiction articles, reports, instruction manuals, press releases, critical reviews, newsletters, brochures, program notes, song parodies, memoirs, children’s books, cookbooks
Experience: Since 1977; professionally since 2000
Subjects: Arts & culture, music, literature, religion, parenting & family issues, painting & crafts instruction, recipes, other general interest; comic song parodies a specialty
Availability: Freelance

Hatton, Linda
Ink Tracks Editing
Los Angeles area, CA, USA and
661-373-2633 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, managing editor
Type of material: Fiction books, short stories, poetry, web sites
Experience: Managing editor since 2010; freelance since beginning of 2014
Subjects: All genres in fiction, health, alternative and natural medicine, beauty
Availability: Full-time freelance

Henderson, Julie Balsdon, RN, MS, ELS
Athens, GA, USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, technical editing, ESL editing, pre-editing, science and medical writing
Type of material: Medical and scientific journal articles, science textbooks (university), technical reports, monographs, CME materials, slide presentations
Experience: Since 1996 (freelance since 2009)
Subjects: Life sciences, esp. medical and allied health sciences; biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, plant sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Herbst, Lila Patton
Newark, CA 94560 USA
Lila [at] and
Type of work: Technical writing and editing, copy editing, proofreading
Type of material: User manuals, software installation and administration guides, online help, technical bulletins, white papers, presentations, marketing materials, dissertations, articles, webpages
Experience: Since 2005 (freelance since 2009)
Subjects: DITA XML, data storage, UNIX, systems administration, linguistics, cognitive psychology, French, rock climbing, mountaineering, tequila, dance, music
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hietkamp, Lenore
Heatherfield Editing
#41-2785 Wallbank Road, Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W2 CANADA and 250-929-8016 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, substantive editing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: Academic and fiction; art and architectural history (specialty), humanities (general), law, mystery novels
Availability: Full-time freelance

Higgins, Gwen
Type of work: Stylistic editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, corporate communications, ESL (non-native English speakers)
Subjects: Finance, accounting, engineering, natural sciences, marketing
Availability: Inquire

Hinz, Carol
Hinz Editorial
606 Dartmouth Cove, Pflugerville, TX 78660 USA
512-990-2158 (voice), 512-568-2514 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Assessments, articles, books, curriculum, journals, reports
Experience: Since 1986 (freelance since 2003)
Subjects: children’s literature, educational K–12, literacy, business, academic
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hochman, Renee
Professional Translations Ltd.
6 Ben Yehuda Street, Kiryat Ono 5552806 ISRAEL and
972-3-5341151 (voice) 972-547-656-100 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, translation (Hebrew><English)
Type of material: Academic articles, non-fiction books, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1997
Subjects: finance, business, law, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Holmberg, Janis
Persuasive Pen Editorial Service
Alexandria Library Incorporated, WebTra Translation Service
P.O. Box 9692, Brea, CA 92622 USA and and
714-257-3210 (voice, fax, message), 503-539-8612 (cell)
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading of English; Web site and software translation of Spanish, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Czech and Polish (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Web sites, journals, reports, theses, handbooks, manuals
Experience: Since 1968 (editing), since 1995 (translation)
Subjects: American and British literature, social and political science (editing); aerospace, IT, business, manufacturing, health (translation)

Holmberg, Sheryl
Vine House Creative
Utica, MI, USA and
Type of work: developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, web content, copywriting, layout and design, desktop publishing
Type of material: books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, marketing materials
Experience: Since 1985 (freelance since 1999)
Subjects: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, creative writing, arts and literature, business, marketing, documentation/technical materials
Availability: Full-time freelance

Holroyd, Sarah
Sleeping Cat Books
CMR 479 Box 597, APO, AE 09263 GERMANY
sarah at sarah-holroyd dot com and
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading, print book design and layout, ebook formatting
Type of material: Books (fiction and nonfiction)
Experience: Since 1998
Subjects: Fiction, software, computers, cultural resource management, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hookey, John
1700 Pierce Street - Unit 201, Lakewood, CO 80214 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books (fiction and nonfiction), brochures and flyers, corporate documents, essays/theses/dissertations, instruction manuals, journals, meeting and conference materials, newsletter and journal articles, stage play and screenplay scripts, textbooks
Experience: Freelance since 2005
Subjects: Academic, business, education, general interest, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology. Open to others.
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hopkins, Kandy
Word Geek Co.
Chicago, IL 60626 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, fact checking, substantive editing, line editing
Type of material: Books, journals, web sites, magazines (trade and news), newspapers
Experience: Since 1998 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Health care, legal, general
Availability: Full-time freelance

Horn, Michelle
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, content editing, coding, proofreading
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, brochures, manuals, web sites
Experience: Since 1989 (freelance since 1996)
Subjects: Education, vocational, psychology, religious studies, health, light industrial (material handling, battery power systems); general fiction
Availability: Freelance

Houghton, Kathryn
Lansing, MI, USA and
Type of work: developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, ESL editing
Type of material: books, articles, essays, stories, reports, websites, blogs, standardized test content, resumes
Experience: since 2006 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, arts and humanities, English language arts, literature, women’s studies, business writing
Availability: part-time freelance

Hoyle, Emma
Emma Hoyle, MPhys, professional freelance editing services
England, UK
Type of work: Copyediting, editing, proofreading, translation (American --> British), layout, technical/scientific editing; (all onscreen or hard copy)
Type of material: All, including electronic based
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Science, physics/physical sciences, astronomy/space, academic texts; other subjects always welcome, including fiction

Hudoba, Teresa A.
Editorial Services—Editing, Proofreading, Indexing
5724 View Lane, Edina, MN 55436-1121 USA,
952-936-0317 (voice & fax)
Type of work: Editing, proofreading, indexing
Type of material: Books, textbooks, reference books, journals, periodicals, multivolume projects, and cumulations
Experience: Since 1990
Subjects: Business (accounting, economics, finance), history, law, religion/philosophy, education, general nonfiction, cookbooks
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hughes, Evelyn
Present Perfect Writing and Editorial Services
430 East 15th Street, Long Beach, CA 90813 USA
310-467-1067 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive and line editing, copyediting, manuscript critiques
Type of material: Computer documentation, corporate policies and procedures, training and desk manuals (online and hard copy), children’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: Proprietary software, nonprofit management, government/community partnerships, the children’s literary market

Hughes, Jill R.
the editor’s mark
5797 Southwater Dr., Mason, OH 45040 USA,, and
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing, line editing, developmental editing, proofreading, manuscript evaluation, book reviews
Type of material: Books (fiction and nonfiction), journals, scholarly papers and theses, training manuals, annual reports, brochures, articles, newsletters, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1998
Subjects: General interest, contemporary fiction, political science, religion, film studies, memoirs, poetry, business, education, psychology, marketing communications Availability: Full-time freelance

Hughes, Willard
Box 892, San Bernardino, CA 92402 USA
909-763-3100 (voice), 909-494-9586 (fax), 909-251-8559 (cell)
Type of work: Copy editing, proofreading, fact checking/research
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: All, primarily newspaper copy editing, special interests include education (I am also a teacher)

Humphrey, Elizabeth King
Wilmington, NC 28403 USA and
910-297-4982 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing, ghostwriting, manuscript evaluation, research, writing coach
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, corporate, web sites
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Fiction: literary, short; nonfiction: memoir, business, newsletters, academic (social sciences)
Availability: Part-time freelance

Hunt, Kristine
921 S. 8th Avenue #8251, Pocatello, ID 83209 USA
Type of work: Line editing, copy editing, proofreading, indexing
Type of material: Trade and scholarly nonfiction, books, journal articles, newsletters, web sites, marketing materials
Experience: Since 2001
Subjects: History, anthropology, religion, education, spirituality, art history, literature, philosophy, social sciences, business, political science, all humanities

Hunt, Pamela
62 Proctor Avenue, South Burlington, VT 05403 USA
802-922-3971 (cell)
Type of work: copyediting, proofreading, project management
Type of material: Books, ebooks, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1999
Subjects: Nonfiction: academic, education, computers/technology, international affairs, social sciences, history, travel, cooking, home design
Availability: Part-time freelance

Hunter, Lee
Lee Hunter & Associates
Suite 147, 99 Fifth Ave., Ottawa, ON K1S 5P5 CANADA
Type of work: Technical editing, information architecture, indexing
Type of material: Software and hardware user guides, Web sites, developer guides, network install guides, government technology policy documents, business plans, white papers
Experience: Since 1974
Subjects: Software, programming, graphics, design, health care technology, government use of technology, community technology projects, interactive technology, user experience

Hurwitz, Shoshana
Hurwitz Indexing
23/6 Hakeren St., Maale Adumim 98351 ISRAEL and
Type of work: Indexing, proofreading
Type of material: Books
Experience: Since 1998 (indexing since 2006)
Subjects: Biographies, Judaica, cooking, parenting, crafts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Hyre, Meg
215 Fountain Street #6, New Haven, CT 06515 USA
203-389-2688 (voice), 203-389-2688 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing, ESL; developmental editing; citations and notes, bibliographies, reference lists; Chicago, MLA, SBL, APA, AMA
Type of material: Books, chapters, journal articles; scholarly and trade
Experience: Since 1992
Subjects: Philosophy, history of ideas, religion and theology, history of medicine, history of science, political and social thought
Availability: Full-time freelance


Ioannou, Greg
Colborne Communications
460 Richmond St, Suite 401, Toronto, ON M5V 1Y1 CANADA
416-214-0183 ext. 10 (voice), 416-214-0235 (fax)
Type of work: Rewriting, substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading
Type of material: Books, magazines, brochures, basically anything!
Experience: Since 1977
Subjects: Generalist, happy to work on virtually any subject. Specialties include statistics, economics, philately, fiction, and cannibalism.


Jamgochian, Amy
726 Andover Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
Type work: Copyediting, proofreading, indexing, tutoring
Type materials: Books (academic and trade), journals, articles, dissertations, manuals, web sites
Experience: Since 1999
Subjects: Literature, philosophy, rhetoric, communications, media, parenting, psychology, education, health, gender, sexuality, race

Johnston, Ingrid
454 Corona St., Unit A, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, drafting/revising
Type of materials: Articles, columns, reviews, and editorials; government and legal documents; student and academic work (papers, essays, theses, dissertations, proposals, etc.); books and journals; creative writing; manuals, guides, and technical materials; business and marketing materials
Experience: Since 2010
Subjects: All areas, including English as a second language

Josey, Diane
English Language Services
PO Box 1831 Toowong 4066 AUSTRALIA and
+610733717648 (voice), 617-0433-795328 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, indexing
Type of material: Dissertations, books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2004
Subjects: IT, philosophy, engineering, international affairs, social sciences, natural sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance


Kaminski, Nancy
3300 East Gate Road, Minneapolis, MN 55418-2545 USA
763-971-2311 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofing, book design and layout/typesetting
Type of material: Books, articles, papers
Experience: Since 1993
Subjects: Safety engineering, OSHA, telephony, software, equestrian, general
Availability: Part-time freelance

Karkera, Amitha
185 East Homestead Road, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
408-504-0711 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: Social sciences, natural sciences, technical, medical, mathematical, academic
Availability: Full-time freelance

Kassab, Elizabeth
Boston, MA, USA
617-959-4017 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, development editing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, dictionaries, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2003 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: History, humanities, other social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Kay, Theresa
398 Nordstrasse, Fairbanks, AK 99709-6107 USA and
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports
Experience: Since 2002 (full-time freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Education (theory, practice, all levels kindergarten through college, administration, textbooks), social sciences, anthropology, psychology, sociology, criminology, American studies, cultural studies, history, reference materials, some science, and fiction
Availability: Part-time to full-time freelance

Kehoe, Elaine L.
341 Rochambeau Avenue, Providence, RI 02906 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading
Type of material: College texts, scholarly and professional books, journals, ancillaries
Experience: Since 1976 (freelance since 1997)
Subjects: Psychology, English-language arts, education, history, art history
Availability: Full-time freelance

Keith, Rachel
Rosebook Editing
Miami, OK 74354 USA (preferred)
918-542-5353 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting
Type of material: Scholarly and trade books, journal articles, and more
Experience: Since 2002
Subjects: Social sciences, psychology, education; novels/fiction, memoirs, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Kenney, Robert
Thoughtful Editing
North Kingstown, RI, USA and
401-578-1894 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Book-length manuscripts, short stories, ebooks, self-publishers, marketing & communications materials, websites
Experience: Since 1994 (freelance proofreading); since 2012 (freelance editing)
Subjects: All genre and literary fiction, creative non-fiction, business marketing & communications
Availability: Full-time freelance

Kernberger, Carolyn
49 Van Buren St., San Francisco, CA 94131 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing
Type of materials: Books, journals, manuals, technical materials rewritten for general audiences, training materials, anything written by non-native English speakers (ESL/EFL)
Experience: Since 1987
Subjects: Critical thinking, psychology, anthropology, biology, ecology, wildlife, natural sciences, geography, U.S. history, Native Americans, U.S. Southwest, travel, social issues, feminism, parents & children, humanities and the arts, ethnic studies, second language learning, medical/health for general audiences, pets

Keros, Leslie
9252 Central Park Ave., Evanston, IL 60203 USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, rewriting, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journal articles, magazine essays, reports
Experience: Since 1990
Subjects: Law, social sciences, literary criticism, memoirs, music
Availability: Part-time freelance

Ketchen, Anne
446 Brook, Carlisle, MA 01741 USA
978-369-1661 (voice)
Type of work: Instructional editing, copyediting
Type of material: Training materials (e-learning, self-instructional text, workshops), books
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Pharmaceutical sales training, medical/allied health, natural history (especially native plants)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Kouba, Dennis
The Editing & Proofreading Guy
63 Graystone Lane, Portland, ME 04103 USA
207-780-8901 (voice), 207-347-1535 (cell)
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, proofreading, editorial project management
Type of material: Market research studies, reports, proposals, marketing communications materials, consulting studies, periodicals, web sites, blogs, nonfiction books, articles and papers
Experience: Thirty-plus years
Subjects: Business and financial; public sector management; police, fire, and disaster management; risk management; corporate financial reporting; more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Krumholz, Elsbeth
230 Oak Grove Street, Apt. 517, Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of materials: Books, curriculum materials, dissertations, journals, and more
Experience: Copyediting and editing experience since 2005 (freelance since 2012)
Subjects: Education, children’s fiction, YA fiction, adult fiction, journalism, travel, history, art, and more


Lamore, Meghna
15652 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood, ON L7C 1M3 CANADA
289-966-8969 (fax 289-966-8969)
Type of work: Copyediting, blog/article writing, OCR correction, newsletter creation
Type of materials: Books, articles, technical materials
Experience: Since 1998
Subjects: Business, engineering, lifestyle, fiction, nonfiction

Lane, Karen
Karen Lane Editorial Services
220 Utopia Circle, Merritt Island, FL 32952 USA
407-421-7795 (voice), 407-479-3264 (fax)
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, indexing, technical writing
Type of material: Textbooks, journal articles, reports, theses, dissertations, handbooks, manuals, Web pages
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: Engineering, computer science, technical communication, English, education, public administration, psychology, technology for general audiences

Lapides, Leslie
Word Crisper
Atlanta, GA and
678-982-6388 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, rewriting, ESL, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1979 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Business, personal finance, science, technology, arts, culture, food
Availability: Full-time freelance

Lawrie, Laura
80 N Navajo Trail, Sedona, AZ 86336-3529 USA
928-282-0833, (fax) 928-222-0018
Type of work: Developmental editing, production editing, copyediting (hard copy and electronic), indexing.
Type of material: Textbooks, college-level trade books, reference works (mainly large-scale)
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: Music, music history, art, art history, history, social sciences (mainly sociology, political science, psychology, and philosophy), linguistics, education

Ledent, Sabra Bissette
4 Lancaster, Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4B1 CANADA and
Type of work: Copyediting, developmental editing, writing
Type of material: Journals, textbooks, reference books, general scholarly, general scientific, reports, newsletters, brochures
Experience: Since 1970s (freelance since 1992)
Subjects: Political science, economics, general science, U.S. government and politics, international relations, international development, communications, environment

Ledesma, Dave Christian
Presidio, TX 79845 USA
915-539-0004 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, pre-editing, LaTeX editing
Type of material: Scientific journals and books for Elsevier, Springer-Verlag, Wiley-Blackwell, IEEE, AGU, Higher Education Press, Chinese Library of Sciences
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: Business, chemistry, economics, engineering, mathematics, medicine, natural and physical sciences, physics, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Lee, Linda
4115 Fanuel Street #4, San Diego, CA 92109 USA
917-886-9690 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, project management
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, websites
Experience: Since 2001 (freelance since 2012)
Subjects: Architecture, General design, graphic design, fine arts, photography, popular culture, gift books, corporate reports, academic texts, textbooks
Availability: Full-time freelance

Leland, Jennifer
1685 Camino del Oro, Nipomo, CA 93444 USA
Type of work: Developmental and substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading
Type of material: Software and hardware documentation, training materials, business and technical materials, newsletters
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: Technical, finance, real estate, and sports

Levinson, Mark L.
PO Box 5780, Herzliya 46157 ISRAEL,
Type of work: Translation (Hebrew->English), rewriting
Type of material: Books, articles, poetry
Experience: Since 1977
Subjects: General, Israel

Lindsey, Susan
Savvy Communication LLC
PO Box 6746, Louisville, KY 40206 USA and
502-439-7222 (mobile)
Type of work: Content editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing, rewriting, and manuscript assessment. Subcontractors provide expertise in a range of genres and subjects, as well as copyright permissions, book layout, cover design, marketing, and public relations.
Type of material: Books, essays, short stories, articles, web sites, newsletters, and business documents, including annual reports, media releases, and presentations. Style expertise in Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press style, and APA style.
Experience: In corporate settings from 1991 to 2010; started own company in late 2010
Subjects: Fiction and all nonfiction subjects, especially history, biography, and memoir
Availability: Full-time

Lineses, Emerson Kim
Foreign Service Institute - Publications Section
5/F DFA Bldg., 2330 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City 1300 PI
+63 917 984-3305 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, research, virtual assistance
Type of material: journals, articles, reports
Experience: Since 2004
Subjects: International affairs, social sciences, natural sciences, physics, psychology, education
Availability: Part-time freelance

Lofstrom, Karen
Honolulu, Hawai‘i, USA and
808-521-9073 (voice)
Type of work: Research, writing, ghostwriting, developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, reports, manuals
Experience: Since 2006
Subjects: Cookbooks and crafts; technical writing; Hawaiiana, Polynesian history and ethnography; social sciences; 18th and 19th century English and American literature; science fiction and fantasy
Availability: Full-time freelance

Lono, Angela
Type of work: ESL editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Journals, articles, reports, letters
Experience: Since 2009
Subjects: Medical, biology, allied health sciences, others welcome!
Availability: Full-time freelance; off-site only

Loumiotis, Rebecca, MA
Midnight Oil Proofreaders
Baltimore, MD 21224 USA and
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting (basic, heavy), ESL/ESOL copyediting, translation (Modern Greek <-> English), developmental editing, rewriting, localization (UK/US English)
Type of material: Nonfiction/academic/professional monographs, edited books, journals, articles, research, reports, websites, conference papers, white papers, training/educational materials, proposals, personal statements, newsletters
Experience: Since 2009
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, public policy, health and health care (policy, education, programs, alternative medicine), and more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Lyon, Frances
1120 Bramblewood Drive, Safety Harbor, FL 34695 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, catalogs, magazines, newsletters
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: humanities & social sciences, business

Lyons, Rebecca
Aurora, CO 80012 USA (Denver metro area)
(303) 632-6027
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Journals, books, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: Science (especially chemistry and earth sciences), medical, educational (K-12 and college), environmental, history, general nonfiction, fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance


Mackay, Jane
13855 Village Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448 USA and
Type of work: Copy editing, line editing, proofreading, substantive editing
Type of materials: Books, journals, journalism, corporate publications, Web copy, articles, reports, newsletters, brochures, academic papers
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Social sciences, business, how-to, international affairs, government, nonprofit, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, corporate, management, technical, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, LGBT, organic/sustainability, yoga, spirituality
Availability: Full-time freelance

Madnick, Deena
Copywrite Technical Writing & Editorial Services
12 Pine Tree Drive, Worcester, MA 01609-1408 USA
508-798-2885 (voice), 508-798-2885 (fax: call first)
Type of work: Technical writing, business and academic writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Manuals, procedural writing, instructional materials, standard operating procedures (manufacturing), press and product releases, manuscripts, articles, newsletters, promotional materials, brochures
Subjects: Software, hardware, manufacturing, training/education, business, ceramics, nonfiction, history, government
Experience: Since 1985

Mahoney, Anne Louise
Ottawa, ON, CANADA and
613-730-2060 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, stylistic editing, copyediting, proofreading, editing translations (French -> English), writing, rewriting, production editing
Type of material: Books, reports, educational materials, marketing materials, websites, brochures, children’s books
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Religion and spirituality, literature, biography, culture, social sciences, history
Availability: Full-time freelance

Mallios, Jennifer
Tyler, TX 75703 USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, translation (Greek <-> English)
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2012 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: literature, public education, alternative education, sustainable/local food movement, parenting, Greece, Greek history
Availability: Part-time freelance

Mamassian, Linda
Mamassian Information Services
2631 Windsor Drive, Troy, MI 48085 USA and
248-528-1817 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, indexing (back-of-book, embedded, and database indexing)
Type of material: Books, journals, reports, transcripts, handbooks, manuals
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Science, health, technology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Manley, Sebastian
38 The Chronos Buildings, 23 Mile End Road, London E1 4TN UK and
Type of work: Copy-editing, proofreading
Type of material: Theses and dissertations, books, journals, articles, newsletters, web sites
Experience: Freelance since 2010
Subjects: Film and television studies, humanities, social sciences, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Margulis, Dick
Dick Margulis Creative Services
284 West Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06515 USA and
203-389-4413 (voice), 203-464-3199 (cell)
Type of work: Development editing, substantive editing, copyediting; rewriting, ghost writing, technical writing; book design, typography, cover design, production; Web design; site implementation; site management and maintenance
Type of material: Books, book proposals and queries; articles, reports, white papers; Web sites; technical documents
Experience: Since 1959 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Fiction other than fantasy fiction; nonfiction in a wide variety of areas
Availability: Full-time freelance

Marmarelli, Ron
212 Cedar Drive, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858-9027 USA
989-773-4959 (voice), 989-775-3768 (fax)
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting (hardcopy & electronic)
Type of material: Theses, dissertations, scholarly manuscripts, memoirs, novels
Experience: Since 1968 (freelance since 2000)
Subjects: Biography, history, public affairs, journalism, mass media, literature

Marshfield, Laurel
Blue Horizon Communications and Blue Horizon White Papers
19717 Queen Street, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 USA or and or
302-227-1749 (Voice) (Fax available, with request)
Type of work: Specialize in book manuscripts & book proposals: ghosting, detailed & lengthy book manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, restructuring & rewriting, copyediting, book coaching
Type of material: Nonfiction, fiction, memoir, biography; ghostwriting & coaching for white papers, used as content marketing for authors and business
Experience:  Since 1982
Subjects: All subjects
Availability: Full-time freelance

Martin, Antonio
San Marcos, 39, Madrid 28004 SPAIN and
+34 915473322, +34 647777657
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading (hard copy and electronic), teaching materials
Type of material: Spanish, nonfiction (journals, reports, handbooks, manuals, web pages), fiction (memoirs, children’s books)
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: linguistics, Business, advertising, social sciences, organizational, human resources, user manuals, owner manuals, training
Availability: Part-time freelance

Martin, Mary Sproles
MSM Editorial
352 Maple Avenue, Waynesboro, VA 22980 USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, medical editing
Experience: Since 1992 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Medical, how-to, children’s, academic
Availability: Full-time freelance

Mathews, Sharyn
Cat’s Paw Studios
PO Box 62, Storrs, CT 06268 USA OR and OR
860-487-1920 (voice), 860-487-0006 (fax)
Type of work: Substantive editing, writing, copyediting, proofreading, desktop publishing, research and fact-checking, web-site updating services, brochure design & layout
Type of material: Books, trade journals, magazines, corporate press releases and collateral materials, proposals, training materials and presentational materials
Experience: Since 1968
Subjects: General nonfiction, history, business, computers, performing and visual arts, automotive, natural resources, children’s topics, women’s issues, vegetarianism and wholistic health issues, gardening, home improvement—just ask!

McCrossan, T. Daniel
Schenectady, NY 12306 USA and
518-956-1971 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: manuscripts, essays, journals
Experience: Since 2012
Subjects: Fiction, literary fiction, nonfiction birth
Availability: Full-time freelance

McCurdy Crooks, Jessica
Superior Web Content
Miami, FL 33126-6007 USA
editingscribe27 AT and
Type of work:  Copyediting, proofreading, indexing, writing, translation (Jamaican English – Patois <-> English)
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, manuals, websites
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: International affairs, business, computers, information technology, Caribbean/West Indian culture and history, records management, library & information science
Availability: Full-time freelance

McIrvin, Michael
A-1 Complete Writing and Editing and Pro Novel Editing Services
3805 Burke Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82009 USA and and and
307-637-8657 (voice), 501-325-0305 (fax)
Type of work: Line editing, substantive / developmental editing, book doctor services, critiques, consulting
Type of material: Books (novels and nonfiction), dissertations and theses (ethical assistance only), journals, articles, manuals, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: International and domestic affairs, philosophy, social sciences, natural sciences, IT (software, hardware, security), education, literature
Availability: Full-time freelance

McNees, Pat
Writers and Editors
10643 Weymouth St., Bethesda, MD 20814 USA and,,
301-897-8557 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, rewriting, coaching for personal histories
Type of material: Books, articles
Experience: Since 1963 (freelance since 1971)
Subjects: Biography, memoirs, personal histories, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Millar, Dr Tess
Focus Editorial Services
Reading, Berkshire, UK and
Type of work: Proofreading, copy editing, rewriting and restructuring, plain English/clear communication
Type of material: Academic (journal articles, theses, dissertations, books); business (reports, guidance and instruction documents, web site text, forms)
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: All, Archaeology, social sciences, humanities, business, arts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Miller, Michelle
Michelle Miller Creative and
206-453-0039 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, fact-checking, copywriting, developmental/substantive editing, content editing, line editing, ghostwriting
Type of material: Book, journal, magazine; web content, marketing copy, technical writing; college textbook, articles, academic writing
Experience: Since 2005
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction, cooking, health, video games/gaming, literature, pop culture, homeschooling, Christianity, theology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Miller, William
William Bryan Miller Proofreading
7598 Highway 55 South, Columbia, KY 42728 USA and
270-384-7988 (voice), 270-634-0472 (cell)
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting, indexing
Type of material: Books, articles
Experience: Since 1989 (freelance since 1994); since 2000 (academic indexing)
Subjects: Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, paranormal
Availability: Full-time freelance

Mirsky, Deanna
179 Grant Ave., Newton, MA 02459 USA
Type of work: Editing, rewriting, copyediting, proofreading, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, family histories, web sites, e-letters, marketing copy
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: History, business, finance, technology, literature, music, art, travel, food, transportation, health, natural science and environment, Judaica

Molinari, Julie
Bellevue, WA 98006 USA and
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, blogs, newsletters
Experience: Since 2007 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Biographies, catalogs, childcare, cooking, design, education, fashion, fiction, film, games, history, media, memoir, politics, television
Availability: Part-time freelance

Monaghan, Wendy
Wendy Monaghan Editing Services
5 Kingfisher Cr., Bullaburra, NSW 2784 AUSTRALIA
+61247593392 (voice), 0413574417 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting
Type of materials: Reports, articles, academic theses, conference papers and proceedings, web content, editing for writers whose first language is not English
Experience: Since 2001
Subjects: Human rights, cultural diversity, cultural heritage, anthropology, immigration, religion and belief, plain English editing
Availability: Full-time freelance

Montgomerie, Adrienne
Dameditors/ Catch the Sun
83 Patrick St, Kingston, ON K7K 3P2 CANADA and
613-217-3133 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting (certified by EAC), rewriting, proofreading, reading level adjustment, plain language editing
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, presentations, lessons, web sites, apps, tests, training resources
Experience: Since 1997
Subjects: Natural sciences, math, social sciences, education, instructional materials
Availability: Full-time freelance

Moore, Jenny
McLean, VA, USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, rewriting, copyediting, and proofreading
Type of material: Books, textbooks, journal and magazine articles, white papers, government reports, newsletters, technical manuals, websites, and blog posts
Experience: Since 1997
Subjects: Business, fiction, finance, government policy, history, memoir/personal narrative, medical research, psychology, technology
Availability: Part-time freelance

Moore, Jonathan
6 Elizabeth Street, Kent, CT 06757 USA and
860-927-4580 (voice), 203-885-5775 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 2008
Subjects: International affairs, finance, economics
Availability: Full-time freelance

Moss, Melody
Melody Moss Editorial Services
1122 E. Pike St. #853, Seattle, WA 98122 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting (AP, Chicago, house styles), proofreading, content editing, web editing, fact-checking and research (text and photos), food writing and editing, ESL editing, localization for US, UK, and Canadian markets
Type of material: Books, magazines, newspapers, essays, articles, screenplays, advertising and marketing materials, business e-mail, product catalogs, blogs, infographics, websites, curriculum and educational materials, packaging and assembly instructions, technical manuals
Experience: Since 1998 (freelance since 2000)
Subjects: All, especially business, general fiction and nonfiction (including children’s and young adult), arts, culture, entertainment, film, history, humor, general humanities, education and training, animals, nature, food and cooking, self-help, travel, ethnic and women’s studies, Pacific Northwest
Availability: Part-time to full-time freelance

Meyer, Lauren
Science Refinery
3009 Tina Avenue Apt A1, Missoula, MT 59808 USA and
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting
Type of material: Academic papers, journal articles, posters, presentations, dissertations, theses, resumes, CVs, cover letters, grant applications, books
Experience: Since 2013
Subjects: Natural sciences, social sciences, psychology, neuroscience
Availability: Full-time freelance


Nagel, Darla
Flushing, MI 48433 USA and
810-624-9043 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting (APA, Chicago, AMA, and MLA styles), ESL/EFL editing, document design, blogging
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, manuals, blog posts, bibliographies, resumes
Experience: Since 2011
Subjects: Business, Christian, education, health, humanities, literature, memoirs
Availability: Part-time freelance

Necol, Barbara
230 Elm Hill Road, Peterborough, NH 03458 USA
603-924-7874 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, textbooks, journals, articles, manuals, educational materials
Experience: Since 1993
Subjects: Academic, humanities, literature, social sciences, education, children’s publications, fine arts, architecture and design, women’s studies, popular culture, food, travel, nature
Availability: Full-time freelance

Newton, Lynn David
Neologistics Editing
1388 Haddon Rd, Columbus, OH 43209 USA and
614-824-4548 (voice), 502-552-3691 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, writing, proofreading, ESL help, e-books, tools programming
Type of material: Websites, books, e-books, articles, journals, other
Experience: Since 1963 (dedicated editor since 2007, freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Computer technology, sports (especially running), other (see website)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Nichols, Aden
Little Fire Editorial Services
Charlottesville, VA 22911 USA and
540-407-1273 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, ESL editing, proofreading, research, fact-checking, content creation, rewriting/ghost writing
Type of material: Academic/scholarly and trade nonfiction books, journals, and articles; digital projects (e-books, websites, blogs, etc.); corporate/business communications (newsletters, manuals, handbooks, reports, whitepapers, conference materials, grant proposals, etc.); biography/memoir; coffee table (packagers)
Experience: Since 1984 (freelance since 2005)
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, wellness/lifestyle/green initiatives, outdoors/ travel/nature, history (esp. early American - Civil War and military), technology, etc.
Availability: Full-time freelance (online or in-house, quick turnaround or long-term)

Nikadie, Sonya N.
Maplewood, Saanich East, Victoria, BC, CANADA
editor [at] distant-earth [dot] net
Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading (hard copy and electronic), writing, research, Web page editing and writing
Type of material: All
Experience: Since 1994
Subjects: All, specialize in cookery, psychology, science, humour, language, health, travel

North, Jerred
1060 Pairadice Ranch Rd., Jacksonville, OR 97530 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of materials: Books, journals, manuals, technical materials
Subjects: Business, natural resources, academic, creative fiction/nonfiction


O’Brien, Brendan
Lurganboy, Virginia, Co. Cavan, IRELAND and
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing, rewriting, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1989 (freelance since 1993)
Subjects: Natural sciences, social sciences, psychology, history, Ireland, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

O’Donald, Louise Burnham
O’Donald Editorial Services
36 Center St., #185, Wolfeboro, NH 03894 USA
520-825-6970 (voice), 520-240-0506 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing and rewriting, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Journal articles, manuals, marketing materials, proposals
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: Computer/engineering technology, computer history, business

O’Halloran, Kate
O’Halloran Editorial Services
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading (hard copy and electronic)
Type of material: Books, manuals
Experience: Since 1987
Subjects: Art, Asian, business, crafts, educational, meteorology, theology

O’Moore-Klopf, Katharine, ELS
KOK Edit
15 Hare Lane, East Setauket, NY 11733 USA and
832-701-7643 (voice), 631-474-9849 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive editing, medical copyediting, ESL copyediting
Type of material: Medical (textbooks, journal articles, monographs), nonfiction (books), fiction (books), textbooks (university and medical), professional books (for educators, businesspeople, physicians, psychologists, other health-care professionals)
Experience: Since 1984 (freelance since 1995)
Subjects: clinical medicine, surgery, allied health, education, business science; biography, child care, environmentalism, psychology, mainstream health care, alternative health care, human sexuality, general fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Ó Maoilbhreannain, Stiofán
Poznan, POLAND (but works with clients worldwide) and
Type of work: Copyediting, editing, proofreading, stylistic and substantive editing, editing of non-native text (especially of users of Slavic languages), editing of translated text (especially from Slavic languages)
Type of material: Papers, journals, articles, reports, grant applications, books, multi-author volumes, web-sites (mostly but not exclusively scholarly)
Experience: Since 2005
Subjects: Natural sciences, social sciences, others; particularly experienced with scholarly materials written by non-native users of English
Availability: Full-time freelance

O’Rourke, Mary-Jo, Accredited Editor
Melbourne, VIC 3055 AUSTRALIA
+613-9387-0063 (voice), +61438-014-661 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, ESL copyediting, proofreading, substantive editing, line editing, rewriting, manuscript assessment
Type of material: Academic and general books, journals, articles, theses and dissertations, reports, memoirs, web sites; all major varieties of English
Experience: Since 2001
Subjects: Languages, linguistics, grammar, academic/scientific terminology, thesis editing, fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Otte, Leigh Ann
Los Angeles, CA, USA
lawordsmith [at] gmail [dot] com,
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting, rewriting, writing, blogging, ghostwriting
Type of material: Magazine/newspaper/Internet articles, websites, books, marketing materials (brochures, press releases), blogs, scripts/screenplays, newsletters
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Seniors, baby boomers, sandwich generation, senior care/elder care, aging, health, wellness, health care, medicine, doctors, arts, entertainment, crafts, the South, Southern culture
Availability: Full-time freelance

Oxman, Edna
Mishol Hardon, 9; Beer-Sheva 84733 ISRAEL and
+972-8-643-2489 (voice/fax), +972-54-753-7567 (cell)
Type of work: Copy editing, editing, proof reading; English only
Type of material: Academic journal articles, manuscripts, books, theses, dissertations, correspondence, newsletters
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Varied; especially medical sciences, alternative medicine, computer science, social sciences, general science.
Availability: Full-time freelance


Pafort, Catja
Realm of the Green Knight
Oxfordshire, UK and
Type of work: copyediting (electronic only), developmental editing, translation checking (German <-> English [bilingual]), fact checking, rewriting
Type of material: Academic and trade books, journals, theses/dissertations
Experience: Since 2008
Subjects: Archaeology/history/geography, humanities, other areas welcome

Parbury, Anne
23 Mort St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 AUSTRALIA
+612-415-580-187 (cell)
Type of work: line editing, copyediting, rewriting, proofreading, production coordination
Type of material: Annual reports, newsletters, memoirs, journals and articles, reports, tenders and bids, technical, websites
Experience: Since 1990 (freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Nonfiction, government, academic
Availability: Full-time freelance

Paul, Cher
Indexing & Copyediting Services
8558 N. Allegheny Ave., Portland, OR 97203 USA
Type of work: Indexing. Substantive editing, heavy copyediting, rewriting.
Type of material: Books, textbooks, articles, reports, proposals, software manuals; public information documents; also academic and scholarly work.
Experience: Since 1977
Subjects: Physical, earth, natural, animal sciences; space. Social sciences; psychology, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies. Health, medicine; western and various traditions; veterinary medicine. Religion, mythology, philosophy. International studies, peace and justice issues. Art, music, and history of; needlework. Biography, autobiography. Legal and technical information translated into clear, common English.

Paximadis, Lori
Pax Studio LLC
Fairview Park, OH, USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, production, project management
Type of material: Books, journals, magazines, reports, marketing materials, websites
Experience: Since 1990
Subjects: Fiction; memoir; trade and academic nonfiction in humanities, social sciences, history, religion, art, crafts, photography, theatre, Asian studies, Hawaiiana
Availability: Full-time freelance

Pepper, Rebecca
434 NE Floral Place, Portland, OR 97232 USA
503-236-5802 (voice), 503-234-6687 (fax)
Type of work: Developmental editing, copy editing
Type of material: Trade books, textbooks, audit reports, journals
Experience: Since 1982
Subjects: cooking, computer programming and computer-related subjects, business, gardening, home improvement, children’s books, government audit reports

Petrella, Laura
P.O. Box 1116, Hudson, OH 44236 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting
Type of material: Books
Experience: Since 2007
Subjects: Fiction

Pettis, Nina K.
Texas, USA and
972-849-6050 (voice), 469-574-5072 (fax and voicemail)
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting
Types of material: Advertising copy & proofs, annual reports, articles, books (academic & mundane), conference reports, corporate communications & collateral, forms, journals, magazines, manuals, marketing materials, menus, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, promotional materials, RFPs, training materials, web pages; hard copy and electronic formats accepted.
Experience: Since 1977 (freelance since 1996)
Subjects: Varied

Petton, Jessica
Petton Editing Solutions and
540-252-3350 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, indexing, proofreading, beta reading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1996 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: Fiction, Nonfiction, Business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Phelan, Julie, MD, MBA
Biomedisys Inc.
Type of work: Writing, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, line editing, fact checking, critical review, journal selection
Type of material: articles, journals, books, abstracts, slide decks, web site content
Experience: Since 2001
Subjects: Medicine, surgery, biotechnology, biological sciences, health, health administration, business

Phelps, Julia
Phelps Editorial Services
Kettering, OH 45429 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading, substantive editing, rewriting, fact checking
Type of material: Journal articles, technical reports, proposals, patents, procedures, web sites, newsletters, correspondence, presentations, marketing materials
Experience: Since 1997 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Physical sciences, chemistry, physics, geology, materials science, engineering, psychology, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Polhemus-Annibell, Wendy
Freelance Editorial Services
Peconic, NY 11958 USA
Type of work: Copyediting and development editing (electronic or hardcopy), proofreading, and project management (ms. to prepress)
Type of material: College textbooks, nonfiction/fiction trade books, scholarly journals
Experience: Since 1983
Subjects: College-level English composition, literature anthologies, history, political science, sociology, education, business, religion, philosophy, film studies, gender studies, ESL, behavioral sciences, communications, cultural studies; any general fiction and nonfiction (especially gardening).

Pool, Mark
425 West North Street, Crown Point, IN 46307 USA
219-663-1332 (voice & fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books
Experience: Since 1998 Subjects: Nonfiction and fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Popma, Rachel
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, e-book creation and editing
Type of material: Academic and trade books, journals, articles, e-books
Experience: Since 2002
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, education, history (esp. local and family history/genealogy), biography, memoir
Availability: Part-time freelance

Porter, Maya
Maya Porter Editing
2418 W. Mary Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72704 USA and
479-443-1868 (voice)
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, consulting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, master’s theses
Experience: 27 years
Subjects: Social sciences
Availability: Part-time freelance

Price, Laurie
C/Zaragoza 205, int. 2, Oax, OAX 68000 MEXICO and
011 52 951-269-0916 (cell) Skype ID: laurpricex
Type of work: copyediting (all levels), proofreading, translation (Spanish > English) rewriting; I specialize in ESL editing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, magazines, catalogues (advertising), museum and gallery catalogues, tech manuals, bilingual educational materials, etc.
Experience: Since 1991 (freelance since 2001); translation since 2003
Subjects: all of the arts, business, psychology, social sciences, education, healthcare, etc.
Availability: Full-time freelance

Price, Stephanie
8498 Jay Lane, Morrison, CO, USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting (hard copy and online), ESL, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports
Experience: Since 1993
Subjects: Earth sciences, environmental reports (RFI, CSM RI/FS, EIS, etc.), geology and geophysics, seismology, dog training and showing, other
Availability: Full-time freelance

Preuss, Renate
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
604-733-5716 (voice)
Type of work: Editing (substantive), copyediting, proofreading, formatting, copywriting, html tagging
Type of material: Books, memoirs, magazines, reports, manuals, catalogues, directories, newsletters, websites
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: General interest, young adult fiction, corporate and personal memoirs, market research, business, financial services, Middle East cultures and history, travel; other subjects welcome
Availability: Freelance, home-based

Prior, Susan
Brisbane, Queensland 4068 AUSTRALIA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, manuscript appraisal, copyediting, proofreading, copy writing
Type of materials: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, theses, brochures, newsletters, manuals
Experience: Since 2004
Subjects: Education, social sciences, politics, general fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, travel
Availability: full-time freelance


Rappaport, Joyce
11 Cressy Road, Hampstead [Montreal], QC H3X 1R3 CANADA
Type of work: Copyediting, developmental editing, rewriting
Type of material: Books, textbooks, articles
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: Academic textbooks in humanities, social sciences; ESL; Holocaust memoirs; personal papers; novels

Rector, Bridget
Tall Sister Writing and Editing
343 Cedar Street NW, #115, Washington, DC 20012 USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, copywriting; APA, MLA, and Chicago styles
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, theses, dissertations
Experience: Since 2007 (freelance since 2012)
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, nonprofits, general nonfiction and fiction
Availability: Part-time freelance

Redmon, Ann
7 Maple Street, Lexington, MA 02420 USA
Type of work: Copyediting (especially electronic), rewriting and organization, editing
Type of material: Books, journals, marketing materials, contracts, web-page text, reports, newsletters, other materials welcome
Experience: Since 1997
Subjects: Medicine, medical management, nursing, international relations, history, economics, political science, high-tech, other subjects welcome

Redmond, Jean M.
Columbus, OH, USA
Type of work: line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: journals, articles, newsletters; print and online
Experience: Since 1980 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: Physical and applied chemistry, math, physics
Availability: Full-time freelance, home based

Redmond, Jeanette Fast
Silver Spring, MD, USA
Type of work: Developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, scholarly articles, reports, dissertations
Experience: Since 1995; full-time since 1999 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: Religion/spirituality, especially Catholic Church; humanities (esp. literature/linguistics), history, pedagogy, psychology, human resources, other social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Rehwaldt, Jeremy, PhD
Introspection Editing
Lincoln, NE, USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, research
Type of material: Books, journals, articles
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Humanities (especially religion/philosophy), social sciences, general nonfiction

Reisman, Andrew
315 E 65th St, New York, NY 10065 USA and
917-940-8554 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, indexing
Type of material: Books, blogs, scripts, magazine articles, news articles, reports, web sites, press releases
Experience: Since 2012 (freelance since 2014)
Subjects: International affairs, tech, literature, arts and culture, language, business, memoir, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance, part-time freelance

Rendon, Laurie and
815-301-9427 (voice)
Type of work: Stylistic editing and copy editing (electronic)
Type of material: Journal articles, book chapters, books
Experience: Freelance since 2003
Subjects: Social sciences, education, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Renish, John
Renish Associates
106 Hawthorne Way, San Jose, CA 95110 USA
renish [at] earthlink [dot] net
Type of work: Writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading (hardcopy & electronic), layout, and templating
Type of material: Reports, handbooks, manuals, Web pages
Experience: Since 1967
Subjects: Technical (computer and related software and hardware, industrial applications and processes), health care administration, militaria

Rinaldi, Elisabeth
Inky Paw Editing
Renton, WA, USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, (Chicago, APA, and house styles), substantive editing, fact checking
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, websites, advertising and marketing materials, newsletters
Experience: Since 1998 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects:  General nonfiction, spirituality, memoirs, health & wellness, pets, self-help, women’s studies, other subjects welcome
Availability: Full-time freelance

Riotto, Judith
Ganymede Editorial Services
Greater Boston area, USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading for publishers, businesses, nonprofits, universities, and associations
Type of material: Trade books, textbooks and educational materials, magazine and journal articles, Web content, blogs, reports, newsletters, brochures, presentations, other business and marketing materials
Experience: Since 1986 (freelance since 1990)
Subjects: All nontechnical nonfiction subjects; experience or a particular interest in American history and culture, business, cooking and baking, crafts and hobbies, criminal justice and security management, education, filmmaking and broadcasting, journalism and communication, photography, politics and current affairs
Availability: Full-time freelance

Ripper, Laura
Laura Ripper | Proofreading and copy-editing
25 Hague Bar, New Mills, High Peak SK22 3AT ENGLAND and
Type of work: plain-language editing, copy-editing, proofreading (hard copy and electronic)
Type of material: articles, brochures, CVs, educational materials, essays, dissertations, handbooks, information leaflets, marketing materials, newsletters, reports, style guides, tenders, theses, websites
Experience: Since 2004 (freelance since 2012)
Subjects: Social sciences, literature, marketing, business, charity, education, information aimed at the general public
Availability: Full-time freelance

Robbins, Christine
Robbins Writing Services
P.O. Box 368, La Mesa, CA 91944-0368 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, re-writing, writing, meeting services, transcription, assisting writers who are non-Native English speakers
Type of material: Proposals/RFPs, website text, corporate communications (including internal HR and policy documents), forms, reports, issue briefing papers, job search materials, articles, theses/dissertations (proofreading and light editing only), meeting materials (agendas, minutes, notes), timeflows to monitor schedules and activities, newsletters
Experience: Since 1986 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Business, marketing, government, land use, Indian Country, human resources, world history and politics, Asian history and culture (emphasis on Japan, China, and Thailand), community association management, hotel/casino management, film history
Availability: Full-time freelance

Roberts, Carol
6220 S. 51st St., #8, Greendale, WI, USA and
Type of work: Indexing
Type of materials: Academic books, trade books, textbooks, periodicals, manuals, corporate literature
Experience: Since 1993
Subjects: Art/architecture, history, cookbooks, biographies, philosophy, political science, anthropology, self-help, literature, business, horticulture, natural science, education, crafts, pop culture, reference
Availability: Full-time freelance

Robinson, Karen
Grand Prairie, TX, USA and
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books, novellas, short stories
Experience: Since 1997 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Fantasy, dystopian, and speculative fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Roettger, Lisa
Watchword Editing
Freeport, IL, USA and
Type of work: Copy editing, developmental editing, substantive (line) editing
Type of material: Books, short stories, articles
Experience: Since 2006; (freelance since 2014)
Subjects: Fiction, Christian literature—fiction and nonfiction; Biblical studies, linguistics, humanities, language arts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Rommel, Andrea, Ph.D.
Fairport, NY 14450 USA and
Type of work: Writing, developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, research, fact checking, manuscript evaluation
Type of material: Textbooks, textbook supplements, scholarly books, educational materials, journal articles, white papers, grant proposals, articles, reports, presentations, websites
Experience: Since 1997 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Sciences (specialization in neuroscience and other life sciences), social sciences, psychology, technology, engineering, medicine, health, education

Ronsley, Jill
Sun Edit Write (Editing & Writing Services)
Box 422, Lions Bay, BC, CANADA and
Type of work: Editing, copyediting (standard, substantial, developmental),research and writing, desktop publishing, proofreading, teaching
Type of material: Books, articles, stories, cookbooks, Web content, screenplays, manuals, handbooks, brochures, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, letters, course material
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: Asian studies, philosophy, religion, history, design, art, yoga, cooking, photography, novels, children’s literature, memoirs, gardening, multicultural

Roome, Mel
7 Powell Street, Sandy Bay, TAS 7005 AUSTRALIA
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Reports, magazines, course manuals, articles, websites, proposals, presentations, advertising material, theses, academic papers
Experience: Since 2005
Subjects: Business, management, tourism, education, nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Rosenstiel, Enid
Columbus, OH 43235 USA,
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, translation from French
Type of material:  Academic journal articles, books, websites, resumes and letters of application, and PowerPoint presentations
Experience: Freelance since 2010
Subjects: Dentistry, law, the sciences and the arts, fiction and nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Rosenthal, Joel
958 Kennebec St., Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA
Tyoe of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of materials: Books, manuals, technical materials
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Computers, political science/politics, science, others

Rosenzweig, Vicki
33 Indian Road, 6-R, New York, NY 10034 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, online research, fact checking
Type of material: Magazine articles, academic papers, book reviews, nonfiction books, workbooks, test preparation
Experience: Since 1987
Subjects: Computing, natural sciences, social sciences, history, mathematics

Rubin, Leslie G.
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364 USA and
Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, indexing, ESL editing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, training and technical documentation, dissertations, web sites
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Humanities, specializing in Jewish studies; education and social sciences; health/nutrition; business; software
Availability: Full-time freelance

Runciman, Kim
Seattle, WA, USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, substantive editing, developmental editing
Type of material: Books, newspapers, magazines (trade and general interest), web content, corporate communications, packaging and design
Experience: Since 1985 (freelance since 1990)
Subjects: Film, music, lifestyle, food, cooking, nutrition, gardening, environmental, interior design, home, fashion, popular culture, and any general subjects
Availability: Full-time freelance

Ryan Heery, Meg
2465 JF Kennedy Blvd. #6E, Jersey City, NJ 07304 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, writing
Type of materials: Books, magazines, newspapers (web and print), journals, manuals, advertising, marketing, publicity, and fundraising materials, press kits, web content
Experience: Since 2000
Subjects: Music, music therapy, music business, art and design, education, environment, fitness, health and wellness, entertainment, memoirs and profiles


Sabado, Al
Marikina City 1800 PHILIPPINES and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, formatting, style reading
Type of material: Manuscript
Experience: Since 1989 (freelance since 2008)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sablosky, Roy
1119 37th Street, Sacramento CA 95816 USA and
301-919-0229 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, information architecture
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, websites, UI
Experience: Since 2000 (freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Science, philosophy
Availability: Full-time freelance

Santore, Marcia
6 Texas Hill Rd, Plymouth, NH 03264 USA
Type of work: copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, writing
Type of material: Books, ebooks, articles, manuals, magazines, journals, newsletters, brochures, Web sites
Experience: Since 1984 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Any, especially art, academia, biography, "how to," marketing, business
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sarinana, Mark
Carlsbad, CA 92011 USA
Type of work: Copy editing, proofreading, rewriting
Type of material: Journals, articles, reports, web sites, magazines, newspapers, newsletters
Experience: Freelance since 2012
Subjects: Biology, immunology, life sciences, natural sciences, environmental, personal development, sports, arts
Availability: Part-time freelance

Savage, Lynn
Savage Editorial Services
7 Kania Street, Easthampton, MA 01027 USA and
413-977-0155 (cell)
Type of work: Copy editing, substantive editing, line editing, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, research papers, scientific posters, blog posts, white papers, articles, reports, websites, presentations
Experience: Since 1996 (freelance since 2012)
Subjects: Natural sciences, cognitive sciences, behavioral sciences, technologies, general interest
Availability: Full-time freelance

Schinske, Helen Erwin
6750 25th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98117 USA
206-783-8157 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, research/fact checking
Type of material: Books, articles, reports
Experience: Since 1996
Subjects: History (especially Victorian era), literature, health, education, travel; interests include cookbooks, fantasy/sf, children’s literature, knitting; note: reading knowledge of German, former rare books cataloger
Availability: Full-time freelance

Schneider, Amy J.
Featherschneider Editorial Services
W7615 County Road YY, Wautoma, WI 54982-8382 USA
920-787-2645 (voice), 920-787-2698 (fax)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Fiction, general trade books, textbooks, professional and academic books
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Any and all; previous topics include accounting, advertising, anatomy/physiology, biology, business, chemistry, cooking, computers, education, law, health, history, mathematics (algebra through calculus), nursing, physics, and self-help
Availability: Full-time freelance

Schramer, Diana
Write Way Copyediting LLC
573 Kelvington Drive #1, Sun Prairie WI 53590 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, stylistic, substantive, line editing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, newsletters, articles, essays, blogs, web sites, academic papers
Experience: Since 2010
Subjects: Business, religion, spirituality, academic, memoir, autobiography, personal essay, recovery from addiction/abuse, children’s books, creativity development/nurturing
Availability: Full-time freelance

Schultz, Gail
editing on (a division of Highlands Business Group, LLC)
76 Farley Place, Allendale, NJ 07401 USA
201 819-8215 (cell)
Type of work: Medical editing, copy editing, proofreading, substantive editing
Type of material: articles, websites, books, newsletters, blogs, reports, encyclopedias, catalogs, correspondence
Experience: Since 1974 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Medical marketing/education, health, non-fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Schutz, Mary Ellen (your Gentle Editor)
Gentle Editing, LLC
2686 Norwich Street, Madison, WI 53711 USA and
Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, feature article writing, technical writing, documentation project management, translation project coordination
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, manuals, Help, tutorials
Experience: Since 1986 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: Computer hardware, software, firmware and BIOS, scientific instrumentation and software applications, general business, general interest
Availability: Full-time freelance

Scott, Amy L.
Nomad Editorial
New Jersey, USA (currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing
Type of material: Books, magazines, articles, reports, web copy, blogs, newsletters, proposals
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2005)
Subjects: Nonfiction, including general interest, travel, lifestyle, diet, wellness, health, psychology, relationships
Availability: Full-time freelance

Secara, Maggie
5511 Corteen Pl. #4, N. Hollywood, CA 91607 USA
maggiros [at] yahoo [dot] com
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, technical writing, British -> American conversion, editorial consulting.
Type of material: Books, journals, reports, theses, textbooks, manuals, fiction, Web pages
Experience: Since 1977 (writing), 2002 (copyediting)
Subjects: Academic or popular history, religion/spiritual, humanities, food, mythology, criticism, science fiction and fantasy, etc.

Sellers, Janice M.
Sellers Publication Services
1066 28th Street, Oakland, CA 94608-4547 USA
510) 268-8254 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, translation (Spanish > English, French > English)
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, games
Experience: Since 1985
Subjects: general, literature, seismology
Availability: Part-time freelance

Sharpe, John
633 Bay Street, Apt. 2203, Toronto, ON M5G 2G4 CANADA
416-597-1924 (voice), 416-898-2549 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports
Experience: Since 2000 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: Visual arts, classical music, science fiction/fantasy
Availability: Part-time freelance

Shaw, Deborah
P.O. Box 16153, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 USA
919-968-1327 (landline)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing/rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, business materials, ESL materials, family histories and memoirs, newsletters, reports, text books
Experience: Since 1979
Subjects: Biography and other stories of human lives, cultural awareness, ethnology and ethnography, genre fiction, history (medieval Europe, Holocaust and World War II), knitting and fiber arts, Scottish culture, Southern (USA) culture, traditional social dance
Availability: Full-time freelance

Shearson, Carlotta
Shearson Editorial Services
1 Ridge View Terrace, Cornwall, NY 12518 USA and Type of work: Substantive editing and copyediting (electronic only)
Type of material: Journal articles (specializing in articles written by ESL authors), trade nonfiction books, newsletters
Experience: Since 1992
Subjects: Sciences (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, paleontology, and ornithology) and quilting, sewing, knitting, and other handicrafts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sheldon, C. Joanna
25 Lant House, Lant Street, London SE1 1PJ UK and
+44 2074 031 784 or +44 1424 755 366 (voice); +44 7818 632 239 (mobile)
Type of work: Line editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1993 technical writing/editing, since 2007 ESL copyediting
Subjects: Social sciences, humanities, business, information technology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sheppard, Susan
Richmond, VA, USA (and Bracey, VA, USA)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading (Chicago or AP)
Type of material: Advertising, direct mail, collateral, annual reports, white papers, proposals, websites, newsletters, articles, menus, evites, catalogs, client alerts, PowerPoint presentations; history (Virginia)
Experience: Since 1975 (freelance since 1988)
Subjects: Advertising, public relations, marketing, business marketing (such as law firms) (references available)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Short, Mary Ann
Ojai, CA 93023 USA
mas [at] ojai [dot] net
Type of work: Writing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, abstracts and summaries, organization and rewrite
Type of material: Traditional or new media, including journals, reports, manuals, Web sites, books
Experience: Since 1989
Subjects: Physical science (geology, physics), computer software, alternative energy, environmental

Shriro, Leah
Beverly, MA 01915 USA
978-927-3680 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, science editing, technical editing, copyediting, rewriting, writing
Type of material: Books, texbooks, scientific reports, computer software instruction, computer programming books, white papers, marketing materials, style guides
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: Air pollution and health, healthcare, social sciences, business, literature, computer software and programming
Availability: Full-time freelance

Silberg, Barbara
Houston, TX 77042 USA
Type of work: Proofreading, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Fiction, nonfiction, books, newspaper and magazine articles, essays, short stories, ad copy, brochures, flyers, direct mail, poetry
Experience: Since 2006
Subjects: children, children’s literature, young adult, popular literature, cookbooks, healthcare, self-help, autobiographies and biographies; history, anthropology, psychology, medicine, health and fitness, alternative health, pets, memoirs, romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, business manuals, women’s issues, beauty, humor, green living, and general interest
Availability: Part-time freelance

Skeen, Katie
Catherine Skeen, PhD / Editorial consultant
Philadelphia, PA, USA and
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copy editing, formatting/styling, proofreading, research/fact-checking
Type of material: Books (academic and trade nonfiction), dissertations, theses, journal articles, proposals, instructional materials, promotional copy, web content, social media
Experience: Since 1994 (freelance since 2009)
Subjects: humanities, social sciences, arts, literary theory/criticism, politics, gender studies, religious studies, Irish topics, general interest (fashion, cooking, parenting, gardening, baseball, travel, pregnancy, health, personal finance); open to other subjects
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sloane, Merryl
PO Box 64866, Tucson, AZ 85728 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, substantive (line-by-line) editing
Type of materials: academic and scholarly books, journals, journal articles, dissertations, nonfiction trade books
Experience: Since 1978 (freelance since 1994)
Subjects: religion, literary criticism, philosophy, political science, music, business, sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, law, cinema, popular culture

Smith, Antoinette
Lawrence, KS, USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, copywriting
Type of material: Books, articles, magazines, web sites, newsletters
Experience: Since 1997 (freelance since 2000)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Smith, Thressa
Onboard Editing
PO Box 16183, Galveston, TX 77552 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, substantive copyediting, science copyediting, life science copyediting, ESL copyediting, medical copyediting
Type of material: Manuscripts for science journal articles and clinical medicine journal articles, reviews, reports, grant and fellowship applications, abstracts
Experience: Since 1992 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: Life science, biology, health, clinical medicine, biomedical research, neuroscience, pharmacology, animal behavior, drugs of abuse, drug development, particularly experienced in helping non-native English speakers (ESL)
Availability: Full-time freelance (telecommute/remote/virtual)

Smith, Vanessa
PO Box 20615, Tuscaloosa, AL 35402 USA
Type of work: Transcription, proofreading, light editing
Type of materials: Books, journals, manuals, legal, business, academia, technical materials, sermons
Experience: Since 2006
Subjects: Legal, business, novels, academia, medical and legal research

Sommerville, Donald
Wheelwright’s Cottage, Montacute, Somerset TA15 6XN UK
01935-829115 (phone & fax)
Type of work: Editing, writing, design, typesetting/DTP, project management/book packaging
Type of material: Books, magazines, brochures
Experience: Since 1979 (freelance since 1994)
Subjects: Any nonfiction, but especially history, travel, sport, militaria, outdoor pursuits

Spangler Buswell, Stefanie
Dunfermline, IL 61524 USA and
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, and writing
Type of material: Books, e-books, articles, reports, website copy, business documents, newsletters, and marketing materials
Experience: Since 2006 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature, political science, business writing
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sparber, Elaine Will
The Sharp Pencil Editorial Services
2375 Amherst Street, East Meadow, NY 11554 USA and
516-783-4045 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, developmental editing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, booklets, articles, short stories, Web pages
Experience: Since 1981 (freelance since 2003)
Subjects: Health, nutrition, dieting, cooking, fitness, pregnancy and childbirth, parenting, relationships, psychology, self-help, lifestyle, politics, pet care, New Age, fiction (general, mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, fantasy, young adult)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Spicher, Sandra
Lago Vista, TX 78645 USA and
Type of work: Writing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, translation (Spanish > English), indexing
Type of material: Books, articles, theses and dissertations, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2012); since 2012 (indexing)
Subjects: Fiction, screenwriting, Spanish and Latin American studies, English literature, science and technology
Availability: Full-time freelance

Springer, Jessica
San Diego, CA, USA
jaspring98 at yahoo dot com
Type of work: Copyediting, light rewriting, proofreading
Type of material: Books (nonfiction, academic/textbooks/encyclopedias), journals, articles, reports, documentation/manuals, web sites
Experience: Since 1989 (freelance since 2004)
Subjects: Medical/health, arts (theater, voiceover, recording), linguistics, new age/personal development, mind/body/spirit
Availability: Full-time freelance

Sprott, Joanne
AfterWords Editorial Services
PO Box 40424., Houston, TX 77240 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, indexing, book design
Type of material: Trade books, scholarly books, technical documentation, e-books, web pages
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Biography, business, history, computer hardware and software, general how-to, science, memoir, spirituality and religion, travel
Availability: Full-time freelance

Steele, Frank
McKinney, TX 75071 USA and
972-984-8514 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, fact-checking and research, indexing, OCR conversion
Type of material: Books, magazines, newsletters, websites, business correspondence
Experience: Since 1982
Subjects: Coaching and self-help, religious literature, international affairs, general nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Stitt, Judith V.
16 Ware St. Suite C, Cambridge, MA 02138-4034 USA and
617-547-7453 (voice), 617-547-1593 (fax)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copy editing, condensing, fact-checking, research, correspondence, editorial proofreading
Type of material: Technical, scientific, scholarly/academic, trade, and government documents including proposals, reports, journal articles, white papers, case studies, brochures, newsletters, book manuscripts, manuals, web content, working papers
Experience: Since 1978 (freelance since 1997)
Subjects: Sciences, engineering, computers and technology, mathematics, business/management/manufacturing (incl. nanoscale), economics, policy, environmental issues. Special interests: "new physics" (e.g., superstring theory, nonlocal energy / quantum hologram / "the Mind of God"), spirit/science interface, synchronicity, consciousness/mind/brain/body, health, nutrition (especially vegetarian), medicine, inspirational works, history, negotiation, finance, law.

Stoffregen, Morgan and
Type of work: copyediting, translation (Spanish > English)
Type of material: Academic, NGO
Experience: Since 2005
Subjects: Human rights, international and comparative law, United Nations
Availability: Full-time freelance

Stolle, Christopher
Tallahassee, FL, USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, ghostwriting
Type of material: Journals, reports, theses, handbooks, manuals, Web pages, books, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, college papers, essays (hardcopy and electronic), etc.
Experience: Since 1999
Subjects: All

Stone, Carol Leth
The Stone Cottage Writing and Editing
3082 Miles Way, Placerville, CA 95667 USA
530-626-6107 (voice), 510-333-6368 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, writing, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, science-education materials
Experience: Since 1964 (freelance since 1983)
Subjects: Natural sciences
Availability: Part-time freelance

Studenmund, Sarah
Wordstream: Technical Writing and Editing
3129 SE Franklin St, Portland, OR 97202 USA and
918-381-1157 (cell)
Type of work: Writing, substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Newsletters, journals, articles, reports, books, ephemera
Experience: Since 1983
Subjects: Archaeology, natural and social sciences, engineering, business
Availability: Part-time freelance

Sturgis, Susanna J.
P.O. Box 39, West Tisbury, MA 02575 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, rewriting (on paper and on screen)
Type of material: Books (fiction and nonfiction), academic papers and dissertations, articles
Experience: Since 1979
Subjects: General nonfiction, social sciences, humanities, lesbian/gay and women’s studies, general fiction, science fiction and fantasy


Taguchi, Dorothy, Ph.D.
The Linguistic Edge
17853 Santiago Blvd., #107-175, Villa Park, CA 92861 USA and
714-637-6264 (voice), 714-713-9275 (cell)
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing/rewriting, project management, editorial directing, consulting
Type of material: Educational products, children’s books, teacher’s guides, user manuals, how-to books, white papers, articles, reports, Web sites, packaging, marketing materials, presentations, lyrics
Experience: Since 1984
Subjects: K-5 educational topics, general how-to, nonfiction, gardening, travel, food, general lifestyle, language, corporate and business topics, and more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Thaler-Carter, Ruth E.
2500 East Avenue, #7K, Rochester, NY  14610 USA and,
585-248-8464 (voice), 585-248-3638 (fax)
Type of work: Writing feature, news, profile articles; all aspects of newsletters; conference coverage; annual reports; copyediting & proofreading—magazines, mss., newsletters, reports, blog posts, etc.; desktop publishing; critiques; public speaking/seminars & workshops on editing/proofreading, freelancing, newsletters, websites, nonprofits. Host, annual conference for freelancers.
Type of material: Magazines, newspapers, newsletters, websites, books; associations, nonprofits, businesses, universities
Experience: Since 1971 (freelance since 1984)
Subjects: "I can write about (and edit, proofread, discuss) anything!”®—see website for details
Availability: Full-time freelance

Thompson, Amy
338 Fuller Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, copywriting
Type of materials: Books, journals, manuals, blogs, marketing materials
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction, business

Thurlow, Cecilia E.
132 Sterling Road, P.O. Box 334, South Lancaster, MA 01561 USA and
978-365-3289 (phone)
978-368-3474 (fax)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Thurman, Susan
Class Act, Inc.
444 Crestview Dr., Henderson, KY 42420 USA
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing
Type of material: Journals, reports, handbooks, manuals, Web pages, educational study guides
Experience: Since 1993
Subjects: Education (English/language arts), general business

Tobin, Stacey
The Tobin Touch, LLC
532 S. Donald Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA and
773-368-3079 (cell)
Type of work: Writing, rewriting, developmental/substantive editing, copyediting
Type of material: Academic (journal articles, grant proposals, abstracts, posters, slides, textbooks), healthcare communications (conference reports, case studies, rep education, reprint backgrounders, monographs), continuing medical education (newsletters, journal supplements, speaker program materials), biotechnology (SBIR proposals, white papers)
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Life sciences (biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, physiology), medicine (cardiology, oncology, obstetrics/gynecology, reproductive medicine, diabetes, endocrinology, HIV/AIDS, diagnostic imaging, nephrology)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Tomkies, Kelly Kagamas
36 N. Cassady Rd., Columbus, OH 43209 USA and
Type of work: Developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Fiction, nonfiction, academic; books, journals, publications, textbooks, articles, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1999 (freelance since 2001)
Subjects: A variety of genres and subjects including all aspects of business, market reports, healthcare, pharmaceutical, bioscience, all kinds of fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Trudeau, Michael
Belle Étoile Studios
112 Reton Ct., Cary, NC 27513 USA and
314-337-2154 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
Type of material: Books: fiction and nonfiction
Experience: Since 2003
Subjects: Literary and genre fiction, social sciences, politics, current affairs, textbooks
Availability: Full-time freelance

Truitt, Jocelyn, MS
Truitt Editorial Services
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA
510-926-0242 (cell)
Type of work: Copy editing, line editing, substantive editing, and proofreading (hard copy and electronic, Chicago, Turabian, APA, AAA, and house/publication-specific styles); indexing
Type of material: academic papers, corporate documents, educational materials, essays, film discussion guides, KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities profiles), legal documents, press releases, professional and personal correspondence, reports, resumes, visual aids, website content; EFL/ESL/nonnative English authors welcome
Experience: Since 2006 (freelance since 2010)
Subjects: General nonfiction, humanities, law/legal scholarship, social sciences, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics); clean technology, environmental science/issues, global warming and climate change, green/sustainable development, health and fitness, music, natural hair/trichology, self-help/personal development, sexuality, spirituality/New Age; all inquiries welcome
Availability: Full-time freelance for short projects or long-term contract, will consider local on-site contract

Tuttle, Cassie
CT Editing
56B Bethany Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting and proofreading
Type of material: Treatises, journals, articles, reports, newsletters, Web sites, memoirs
Experience: Since 1989 (freelance since 2007)
Subjects: Law, ESL, education, social sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance


Van Pelt, Julie
JVP Editing
2023 E Sims Way #128, Port Townsend, WA 98368 USA
Type of work: Project management, editing (developmental, substantive, copyediting), proofreading, fact-checking, developing audience-appropriate documentation
Type of material: Trade and academic fiction and nonfiction, articles, reports
Experience: Since 1995
Subjects: Environmental history, assessment, and advocacy; natural history and sciences; travel and outdoor education, especially climbing/mountaineering/guidebooks; politics; Asian studies; literary nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Venard, Lourdes
252 Bayview Ave., East Patchogue, NY 11752 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, Spanish to English translation
Type of material: Books, journals, manuals, articles
Experience: Since 1985
Subjects: Business, technology, age-related issues, diversity, fiction (all genres)


Walinski, Kristin
Scribe On Demand
3201 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227 USA and
804-517-7726 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting, writing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, white papers, reports, web sites, electronic media
Experience: Since 1997 (freelance since 2008)
Subjects: Law, business, careers, education, weddings, personal development, nonfiction, other subjects welcome
Availability: Full-time freelance

Washington, Jeanne
Provincetown, MA 02657 USA
Type of work: Copyediting, line editing, proofreading, writing
Type of material: Books, magazines, journals, websites/blogs, newsletters, press releases
Experience: 20+ years (freelance since 1999)
Subjects: Social sciences, education, business, health and fitness, medical; most subjects welcome
Availability: Full-time freelance

Watt, Stephanie
Recto Verso Editing
Montreal, QC H2G 2J5 CANADA
Type of work: Indexing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, websites, newsletters
Experience: Since 2010
Subjects: Food studies and cooking, human geography, Middle Eastern and North African studies, politics, social sciences, tourism, urban studies
Availability: Full-time freelance

Way, Thomas
ChezWay Editorial
32 Halley Court, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1460 USA
845 454-8140, 845 489-6627 (cell)
Types of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, rewriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, manuals, dissertations, web sites, ESL
Experience: Since 1961 (freelance since 1992)
Subjects: Physics, engineering, social sciences, natural sciences
Availability: Full-time freelance

Wenzel, Caryl
Illinois, USA
847-458-5767 (voice)
Type of work: Copyediting, indexing
Type of material: Books (trade books, textbooks, professional resource books), reports, proposals, and white papers
Experience: Since 1985 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Generalist, including education, science, business; no philosophy, scholarly, law, or engineering
Availability: Full-time freelance

West, Vickie
410 W. First Street, Fairmount, IN 46928 USA and
Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, factchecking
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, monographs, textbooks, web sites
Experience: Since 1989
Subjects: General (any subject), fiction, nonfiction, science, social science, business, humanities, technical, health care, medical (specialty), STM documents, HTML documents; hardcopy or electronic (MS Word, Adobe Acrobat)
Availability: Full-time freelance

Wiencke, Katharine R.
editor and indexer
2755 Hancock Rd., Williamstown, MA 01267 USA
413-458-1846 (voice & fax)
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, academic papers and dissertations
Experience: Since 1992
Subjects: Medicine (including psychiatry), humanities, history, gardening, fly fishing. Other subjects considered.

Williams, Jan
Indexing and Editorial Services
300 Dartmouth College Hwy., Lyme, NH 03768 USA
Type of work: Indexing, proofreading, copyediting
Type of material: Scholarly, trade, medical, and text books, journals, and manuals
Experience: Since 1998
Subjects: Humanities, social sciences, languages, biography, politics/current events, medicine

Williams, Kate
Mill Creek, WA 98012 USA and
760-218-6692 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing
Type of material: Books, articles, reports, websites
Experience: Since 2001 (freelance since 2011)
Subjects: Fiction, academic works, websites (editing); book reviews, newsletters (writing)
Availability: Part-time freelance

Williams, Sandra K.
Williams Writing, Editing & Design
5714 Folsom Blvd. #190, Sacramento, CA 95819-4608 USA and
916-456-0625 (voice)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, print book layout, ebook formatting
Type of material: Books, ebooks, web sites
Experience: Since 1993 (freelance since 1996)
Subjects: Memoirs, general nonfiction, fiction, science fiction, fantasy
Availability: Full-time freelance

Williamson, Lisa
Apos Editing
Fort Washington, MD 20744 USA and
Type of work: Developmental/substantive editing, line editing, copyediting (Chicago, AP, APA, and house styles), proofreading, rewriting, copywriting
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites, newsletters, grants, proposals, general business documents
Experience: Freelance since 2012
Subjects: Social sciences (including economics, history, law, political science, psychology), general nonfiction, business, contracts
Availability: Full-time freelance

Willoughby, Shawna
WillowTree Copy Editing
Billings, MT 59101 USA
406-694-8649 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting
Type of material: Books, articles
Experience: Since 2012 (freelance since 2013)
Subjects: Fiction, nonfiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Wilson, Gaye, PhD
46 Millers Road, Cattai, NSW 2756 AUSTRALIA and and
+61-2-4572-8878 (voice), 0414-260-605 (cell)
Type of work: Editing, proofreading, desktop publishing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, web sites, brochures, newsletters, ezines, ebooks, fiction, bibliographies. Thesis and dissertation editing, proofreading and coaching; multi-author works, academic papers and monographs; on-screen or paper editing/proofreading
Experience: Since 1977 (proofreading); since 2001 (editing/DTP)
Subjects: Egyptology (including hieroglyphs), anthropology, archaeology, history, animals, personal development, self help, coaching, teaching and learning, adventure, travel, business, military, needlework, leadership and management, youth and more
Availability: Full-time freelance

Wine, Bill
441 Greenwood Avenue, Wyncote, PA 19095 USA and
215-572-0536 and 215-951-1168
Type of work: Editing, copyediting, writing, ghostwriting, rewriting, proofreading, scriptwriting
Type of materials: Books, newspaper and magazine articles, scholarly journals, broadcast scripts, reports, web sites
Experience: Since 1972
Subjects: Entertainment, pop culture, all academic/scholarly, literature, social sciences

Winthrop Esposito, Anne
29 Stratford Terrace, Cranford, NJ 07016 USA and
908-272-8395 (fax and voice)
Type of work: Copy editing, substantive editing
Type of material: Books, consumer magazines, newsletters, Web sites
Experience: Since 1982
Subjects: Health, parenting, relationships, education, pets

Wotipka, Paul
721 SE 43 Avenue, Portland, OR 97215 USA
503-232-7139 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, copywriting, proofreading, research
Type of material: Business documents, white papers, books, articles, marketing collateral, press releases, newsletters, websites
Experience: Since 2002 (freelance since 2006)
Subjects: Business, technology, electronic discovery
Availability: Full-time freelance

Wynands, Anthony
Kearsarge Editorial Services
108 Pleasant Pond Road, Warner, NH 03278 USA
603-746-4441 (voice)
Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, copy editing, translation (French <-> English), rewriting, proofreading
Type of material: Novels, textbooks, academic journals, articles, white papers, government reports, education materials, catalogs, guide books
Experience: Since 2009 (freelance since 2014)
Subjects: Nonfiction/fiction, international affairs, ELA (English language arts), education pedagogical- and curriculum-based, ESL materials, applied linguistics
Availability: Part-time freelance


Yeager, Christina
Emerald Editorial Services
24355 McAlpin Trail, PO Box 687, Clark, CO 80428 USA and
970-846-9662 (cell)
Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, book indexing
Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports
Experience: Since 1995 (freelance since 1996)
Subjects: Social sciences, natural sciences, environmental science, natural history, zoology, cultural studies, agricultural studies, human health, nursing—any scholarly or academic subject; fiction
Availability: Full-time freelance

Yurman, Enid
340 Hartert Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83404 USA and
208-524-6374 (voice), 208-521-5725 (cell)
Type of work: Copyediting, tech editing, line editing, web content editing, proofreading, rewriting, proposal writing, writing human interest features, public relations writing
Type of material: Proposals, reports, training materials, procedures, articles, newsletters, web sites, short biographies
Experience: Since 1980
Subjects: Energy, environmental, and nuclear engineering and research, education, family issues, parenting, children’s advocacy, health and fitness, nutrition, soil conservation, and nonprofit management
Availability: Full-time freelance

Zimmerman, Melanie
2001 Aspen Drive, Algonquin, IL 60102 USA
224-241-8110 (voice), 413-441-8115 (cell)
Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting, rewriting, line editing
Type of material: Books, articles, journals, reports
Experience: Since 1988 (freelance since 2003)
Subjects: law, business, cookbooks, adult fiction and romance
Availability: Full-time freelance

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When I have the time, I blog whatever's on my mind: publishing, politics, popular music of the '60s and '70s, and stamp collecting are regularish topics.

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words/myth/ampers & virgule:
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Parenting Special Needs:
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A Whole Year?:
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Treated & Released:
97% transparent.

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Right Angels and Polo Bears:
All things editing: from error rates in editing and using PDF mark-up software, to estimating jobs and getting started as a freelancer.
Right Angels and Polo Bears podcast:
An audio version (and expansion of) posts from the blog and, for listening during commutes, coffee breaks, or laundry time.

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Business website including blog articles on topics related (sometimes vaguely) to editing.
Blog on general topics, including some older ones related to editing.

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A large site which includes pages on common Latin phrases, common errors in English, style manuals, and metaphors.
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Work-at-home mom married to a self-employed dad, homeschooling six daughters. We break all the rules.

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Write Through It:
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Pinyin News:
Items related to Chinese characters, romanization, and the languages of China and beyond.

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Tweed: Editing Tailored to the Academic:
Specialist advice, exclusive tools, and bits of levity for scholarly writers.

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Terribly Write:
Terrible writing on the Web. And writing terribly well for the Web.

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LeeLee's Lulus:
General reflections on life experiences and family.

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Cambridge Proofreading LLC:
Topics include English writing and proofreading and editing tips.

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Musings of a stay-home mom of 3, freelance copyeditor, voracious reader, and enthusiastic cook.

Gordon Woolf
Gordon Woolf's Blog:
About publishing, business, writing and other things.

Kelly Wright
Thoughts about current events, politics, parenting twins, and whatever else comes up.

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